Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another rainy day!

It is sooo wet here. We actually have some areas that have started to flood. I've lived in this town the majority of my life and I don't ever remember it flooding like this?? We'll be turning into ducks soon.

BUT our grass is really green?!?!

Some really sad news for today {although I doubt it will hurt you as much as it did me!} The chest that I bought for Em's room - well, I didn't get it. The jokers that had it listed on Craig's List thought it was me that picked it up last night?? I still have not figured out how it happened other than maybe the other people called yesterday AFTER I emailed {b/c they had their number listed on the listing} and they got the directions and just picked it up.


It probably was stinky or something. Like, pirate stinky?! And I wouldn't have been able to get the smell out and all of Em's clothes would stink because it would absorb the pirate smell. And then she would be a cute and a stinky little girl . . . . and I really wouldn't want that. So, it happened for a good reason! I didn't need a chest of drawers that smelled like a pirate. {still sad though!}

But - as promised, I have more art to show!! It took me forever to find a great picture online of this bedding. Everytime I would click on a pic . . . it was super tiny! I can't work like that! BUT alas, in my google search, I found a blog that had some incredible pictures!!! This girl made my heart sing when I saw what all she had for me to go by!! I've totally lifted some of them . . . . and left her a note that I did . . . . so they might disappear if she asks me to take them off!

This is sweet baby bedding. I mean, who doesn't love some argyle?

The bedding is by Wendy Bellissimo called Argyle.

picture courtesy of The Southern Belle Baby

Here is a better close-up of it . . . so soft! And light!

I've learned to go a little bolder with the colors on the art {rather than lighter.} I did distress this one a bit!

picture courtesy of The Southern Belle Baby

The navy adds a perfect contrast!

The "kipton" has already found it's home since it was shipped off many, many days ago! It got there just in time for the baby shower! I was emailed immediately and told it was "perfect" and apparently, it made it on the wall before the party was over! {thanks for letting me know! I was tickled pink!}

I have to tell you guys that this is the first time I've ever done the diamond pattern {I did this painting before I did the one in yesterday's post!} SINCE my very first EVER painting! You know, the one that has Hudson's name on it?! If you are new to the blog and have no idea what I'm talking about, considered yourself LUCKY! It's heinous! There is a post about it somewhere on the blog . . . but I'm not looking for it to link to it! Only because it is that bad!!!

Well, I'm off to the hospital - my friend Rachel had baby number 4, lil' Eli! I'm officially NOT the only one with 4 kids in our group of friends! Like me, this is her last as well. I've been waiting very {un}patient for HIS arrival. That silly girl DID NOT find out the sex?! These 9 months have just about killed me not knowing - I seriously didn't think I was going to survive! But I did. I'm here to talk about it. Whew - I'm glad she isn't having anymore if this is what she would do each time!!!! {I'm kidding!}

After the hospital, I have to help my other friend {who also is named Rachel} cater a wedding.

That is suppose to be outside.

Next to the river.

If it rains, they really don't have a back-up plan {?} we are told.

Hey, did I tell you it has been raining for days and a LOT of areas are flooded around here??

I'll be sure to blog about this one. I have a feeling it will be blog worthy.


Kimberly said...

Love the painting Kim. It looks awesome, and matches so well!! I can't wait until you do mine. My bright colorful, fun Riley painting. Of course I have to wait {sad face} but I'm thinking I should order so I'll be close to first in line when you start accepting orders again!

I can do that right??

I have fabric swatches and everything for you, cause I know how you love that! :o)

Have FUN today! Babies and weddings... how exciting! And try to stay dry!

The Long Family said...

Love love love it!!!!! I don't want to find out the sex of our children.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I think this one is my favorite! Love it~

missy said...

love the art work!!!!!
sorry about the chest......darn craigslist people anyway!!!!!
have fun at the wedding.......

J Family said...

Sometimes I find out about the weather back home only through you! :) Funny!! I LOVE that bedding and had it in a "shopping cart" many times before my little man got here. I never ended up getting it but am very jealous and do love what you did with the painting!!!! You have done many paintings on beddings that I almost got- now if I would just buy some and have you do paintings for me then it would be better. And so sorry about the chest, good attitude though. :)

Katie said...

Wow, what a great match!!