Sunday, September 20, 2009

The rain actually held off for the . . .

. . . . wedding! I was wrong . . . it wasn't close to a river?! Could have been with all the rain - but it wasn't! People let me tell you - if this was the place I chose to get married, I would have done the same thing! This yard was sooo gorgeous, that I would have married my husband in the rain no matter how hard it was coming down! It was just that gorgeous!

And I took pictures! Forgive me, I meant to bring my big-daddy camera . . . but forgot! These are all by my phone {which has been the biggest pain in the rump to get from there to here!} Anyone else have an EnV touch??? I know hate is such a strong word, but since my phone is an object and not a breathing/living creature I think it is safe to use it here . . . . I HATE THIS STUPID PHONE!

Well, I feel better since getting that off my chest! And as soon as I can get to the Verizon store, I hope to have a new phone . . . preferable one that likes me and will work when I use it.

Okay - back on track here . . . pictures . . .

let me just say this was the groom's mother's backyard. And it was over the top perfection. It is what I had pictured when I was little reading the "Secret Garden" -

walls of 9 foot hedges.

spindly trees.


iron gates.

shade lovin' plants.

vine covered arbors.

rock covered paths.

And when the wind blew just right . . . a wind chime. And not one that sounded like silverware clanking on an aluminum pie plate, but one that sounded like church bells on a clear, crisp Sunday morning.

I got chills.

It was perfect.

I only wish I had a real camera with me to take real pictures! I'll go back and get some because I want my yard to look like this. And the hubs has to go to see it so "we" can make that happen!

This final picture is the back of the yard. It bumps up to a church which gave them permission to use their parking lot for the guest's parking. How perfect it is that they had a gate from the lot to the yard?? And it had a meandering path that led through all the gardens into the open spot where you saw all the chairs {that were anticipating rain as they were covered in plastic - hah!

Too bad we didn't see any of the wedding . . . we were too busy at the reception site preparing to feed everybody!

And because I know you all love a sneak peek . . .



Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGG!!! that is incredibly beautiful!! who wouldn't want to get married in an eden like that?!!?!
no worries about the rain.. it only brings good luck! :D

Melissa's Thoughts said...

So if I can just find a husband. LOL My son had the EnV and HATED it too. He tells everyone not to get it.

Kimberly said...

Pretty, very very pretty!!!

Natalie said...

What I would give to have a backyard like that!

Holli said...


missy said...

you are correct.....beautiful yard/garden!!!!!
i want one too!!!!

Allison said...

I love a backyard that looks like a sanctuary. A beautiful little spot to begin a life of wedded bliss together!

writing4612 said...

That backyard is amazing.