Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Confessions of a Procrastinating Perfectionist . . .

Nice title, huh? Couldn't imagine who the heck I could be talking about?!? ha . . .

Let me be honest. These were a struggle for me. Really they were. I started on them several times only to be disappointed in how they were starting to {not} come together. So, each time I hit the brick wall {several times,} I would sit back and wait it out. Normally moving a painting or two ahead of these so I could have a little time to study the fabric a smidge more, change up the stripe pattern or think about what to change in general?!

Or what I couldn't change.

I kept thinking what I knew had to stay . . . what was my direction {which I need - so don't confuse what I'm saying with I don't want specifics because I do!!!} Again, I need them!

The multi stripe fabric {above was used as an accent fabric in the nursery.}

And the Cottontail toile as the main fabric. Definitely a "nursery feel."

The "Maddox" painting should be used as the inspiration. So, I'm thinking clean but with a fun font.

Only use blue, green, yellow, strawberry (not red), and white stripes that are found in the multi-stripe fabric but not the pinks. Red would be too harsh . . . and the pink . . . well, this is for 2 boys! I wouldn't dare want to see pink in my boys' rooms either {even though Carson always wants to eat out of pink bowls?}

The names, Stephen and Gregory, should appear in a complimentary or contrasting blue. I'm thinking she wants this to scream boy, yet be in a "cutie" nursery. I totally agree.

That was my list of specifics. And this font! {O - how I love this font . . . great choice by the way!}

But again, I was stuck! For some reason it takes me awhile to think outside the box!! Since I knew I was doing stripes, I was desperately mixing and matching colors to the stripe fabric . . . .

That was my FIRST mistake! The stripe fabric is very "chambray" looking. So, my paints were looking to "flat" up next to the fabric. Then it hit me, I needed to match the toile?? That color has much more punch! And though the two look fantastic together, the toile has the splash of color I wanted to borrow.

And lucky for me I had a bolt of it here! SO, it really matches!

I thought about posting pictures of the original two canvases . . . . but decided against it. They were really looking THAT bad.

I do have a little pride with these . . . only because I can see what they "could have" looked like every time I look over to my right where 2 canvases lean against the wall {in shame!}

Sometimes I'm on it immediately. I have the vision and it easily comes together. Other times . . ., well let's just say it doesn't work out so well. But never fear, I'll continue to work on the canvas till I think it is perfect for your spot!


Paige said...

Love the new canvases! The toile material is beautiful. You continue to amaze me with our creativity. Thanks for sharing!

Robin said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure "Mama" will love them!


Robin :o)

Cynthia @An Accomplished Woman said...

Love the fabric and your paintings. How do you paint such pretty paintings? You are amazing.

Hillcrest Acres said...

The toile fabric is so adorable. Your paintings are perfect...very little boyish and they match the colors perfectly. I wish I had your talent!!!!

Heather said...

What makes your pictures so special is that you make it more than just the "requested" look/style. You take the time to determine what will make it perfect in the eyes of who will be receiving it. Such cute pictures...very boyish!