Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guess what . . .

okay, yeah - 2 post in one day? From the one who hasn't posted in forever?? But this is important!

I'm about to buy something else for Em's room . . . .

Oh yeah, baby! Another Craig's List find {thank you Jamie!} I mean seriously - do you think I could find 'only' a chest for sale again?? And it matches my dresser and night stand? Did I say "my dresser and nightstand" . . . I meant EM'S! That is what I meant. For her, NOT me! Let's just get that straight! As a child, I would have hated something like this. I'm being for REAL! And I would have really hated it EVEN MORE with the finished look I'm going for! haha! Something happens to you after you have 3 boys and finally that girl comes along!

I will not deny . . . .

I get teary eyed when I think of the ballet class she WILL be going to. I hope she doesn't have other plans because I hate to ruin them.

The doll house we will build together is going to be magnificent. {You guys should see the one my aunt has/had . . . Debra do you still have that lil' Victorian Jewel??}

I'm determined to make pink her fav-O-rite color . . . O - well goodness me, it is! {without my help!}

. . . man, I hope her free will isn't too strong - OR we're gonna have a problem {okay, so I'm totally just kidding!}

But she will have the best doll house ever {with some working lights IF I CAN HELP IT!}


Jenn said...! I can not believe you found that (or Jamie did)!!!!!

Jennifer said...

So glad to know I am not the only one determined to have my daughter in dance class and have her favorite color as pink! Luckily for us too, when we ask Lainey what color something is, 7 out of 10 times she answers "Pink!". :)

Deb said...

I hope your Em enjoys her dance classes! My E enjoyed hers right up through high school. She's 23 & graduating from college today. She still enjoys doing bar work (we have a bar & mirrors in our basement) & maintains her gorgeous dancer figure.

I tear up when I hear other mom's get excited about their girls. We're such girls!