Friday, September 18, 2009

Toile - does it ever go out of style??

Uhmmm, that answer is NO!

I was asked to paint to match P.Kaufmann Central Park Toile in Blush. Here is the link if you are interested in ordering some of this cutie stuff. After going back and forth between everyone involved . . . . which included an awesome interior decorator . . . . we decided on this . . .

Now, I want to show you the room it is going in . . . .

"Hello, can I move in there??" I just can't tell you all how much I love this room! So neutral with just a slight touch of pink! And if I read right, {I think} that the majority of this stuff went through her first 4 and they were BOYS!!!!

And did you notice the light fixture?? That is if what you do if you ever get stuck with 'what-to-do-when-you-want-the-chandelier-but-need-a-ceiling-fan' dilemma!

This picture is a crack up! Can you guess what goes where the stick-chick is?

Her painting! Is that skinny thing suppose to be me?? haha - please say yes! {I wish I was a stick-chick! Four kids didn't help me any!}

Sad part - they are moving!!! Military people!


save the cellophane that the art comes wrapped in AND wrap it YO-SELF! Don't let the movers do it! Another military fam that recently moved discovered what happens when the movers wrapped her art with news print . . . . I'm crying with her! It is horrible! Laura - we'll fix it somehow! {Got to get that color to you!!}

I've got to get this day started! TGIF! I have to finish up some stuff today!! {like matching twin painting!}


Melissa's Thoughts said...

That room is so peaceful. I love your day...maybe one day I can have one too. :)

Katie said...

Wow, what a beautiful baby room!!

Robin said...

What a beautiful room and a beautiful painting! Now I need to have another girl so I can do a room with that toile, too!


Robin :o)

Anonymous said...

isn't that our ever-lovin' military family CURSE! taking the time to get a temporary house all dec'd out and then viola!- ORDERS! sigh. you'd think we'd learn.. lol but alas, i'm a slave to design & decorating.. so i always fall victim to it and make each temp house into a temp 'home'. best of luck to the 'on the move' family!

oh, and great tip for packing art yourself!!!

have a good one! :D

Southern said...

That room is so effortless and gorgeous at the same time. Beautiful stuff. Can't believe it's already been through four boys. Great job as always!