Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Because I can't help but talk about it some more . . .

Hey - it's me, the birth control pills again. Yeah, yeah . . . YOU thought she was going to call her doctor today, didn't ya'? Well, she didn't! I've officially taken over!


Yeah - I still feel it . . . CRAZY!

No - I didn't call because I was busy and never really at the house to call!

But to explain my 'sitamawation' a little further . . . I'm taking them for other reasons. Incredible mood swings! Some incredible pain that I would equate to the beginning stages of labor! Acne?! To name just a few. I mean, come on! I've had my rounds with pimples during the adolescent years . . . what did I do to deserve ROUND 2?!? The "birth control" part has already been taken care of . . . permanently! So . . . due to zits, I'm willing to give this a full 3 months {maybe?!} I really think if I can temporarily take them, I will go back to normal {somewhat normal.} Then I'll stop! But seriously, I was pregnant, breast feeding OR both from July of 04 to February of 09! There was not a single break during that time. My hormones probably have no idea what is going on!! So a little shock therapy might do them good!

Okay - enough with the bc! Even though I got OVER 1,000 hits since I posted that post less than 24 hours ago?!?


Random alert . . . {just not as bad as yesterdays!} I'm going to try to separate it all to make it easier to read!


I had several people ask about what type of plant I had in the black urn. I got it at Home Depot and it is called a Pilea. It is a medium light loving plant which is what makes it perfect for my living room.


And speaking of that post, guess what I picked up today??? Oh yeah! My frame!

Only I didn't got with a "tiny custom frame" . . . more like a "gitisimo custom frame!" Trust me, when I was picking out the frame - the bigger ones were just really working with it! I'm still giddy when I look at it! But now I have to find some wall space in Em's room!!


I also picked up number 3 . . . .

I blogged forever ago about some etchings I bought at my grandparents' estate sale. I wanted them desperately {and got 'em!} I knew exactly how I wanted them to look {It helped that I have a huge love of etchings and have a couple prior to this purchase!} Again, custom frames are so not cheap! So, each month that Hobby Lobby runs them half off - I drop off an etching! This easy project will take 5 months! BUT they will be in better shape than they have ever been and be displayed to their full potential! Dude, I'm sooo freakin' excited to see the end result! Only 2 more to go!


I will also be getting some new silhouettes of the children for my living room shortly! NOW - somebody tell me who doesn't love a silhouette??

This is of Hudson when he was 13 months old. Lonnie told me on our 7th anniversary {in November} he was going to get me all 4 of the kids' silhouettes. My goal is to keep the living room "art" blacks and creams.These will fit in GREAT! This man is fantastic to work with. AND my personal opinion is he is incredibly reasonable! So many times a year he comes to different Dillard's in my area and makes these by appointment only. In 4 seconds! I swear! It took him seriously 4 {okay, maybe 5 seconds} to cut this out! It was CRAZY! {Crazier than I am on these birth control pills - sorry, had to throw that in! haha} But check out his site - you can send in profile shots and he will whip you up one! {Great Christmas gifts!}


So speaking of my living room, I have finally figured out my fabrics!

Window treatments {got to love a buffalo check in chartreuse!}

Here are a few more swatches! Remember the rockin' lamps I blogged about??? I was trying desperately to make them work . . . which in my kitchen they would! Butttttt, not so much for the living room {Although the rooms should flow well?} I'm happy to say they have found a new {and very loving} home! {*sniff*} As you can see, I really wanted some blues. So, instead of turquoise I'm going robin's egg blue! Love that color so much.

The paisley/blue will go on the rocker that I purchased at the estate sale.

The chenille green {definitely on the chartreuse side!} will be going on 2 chairs and matching ottomans. I can't believe I'm about to show you all these next pictures. So embarrassing . . . let me just say that the Nester doesn't have anything on me!

We have dubbed these the ugly chairs! They were not ugly when I first bought them. I love them! All $1,800 of them {hence the reason I can't bring myself to get rid of them!} See the slight wear? I think I've had these for almost 8 years {?} The piping has so seen it's better days {the ones before kids!} Well why stop there . . .

Uhmmm, yeah - sadly 2 arms look like this! I know - atrocious! I hate inviting people over! "Please don't pay attention to the arms of my chairs. My kids were having an 'off' day that day." haaaa - just kidding! Truly this is nothing but the wrong kind of fabric on everyday chairs. It wore thin because we really use them daily! Kids had nothing to do with it - NOW the gold fish under the seat cushions is completely different issue!

I'm obviously trying to avoid the next picture but I guess I might as well show you! I mean, you have made it this far!

And I was chawed about my van?!? Actually this picture makes me speechless.

So - I've ordered the fabric. My upholstery guy has been warned. And this little problem will be taken care of shortly. Enough said.

Honestly, I have no idea how well this will be pulled off - but I love the fabrics and well, . . I'm sure I can make it work! My biggest issue is my rug . . .

. . . which I love. BUT the green is very muted and sage"y" - I will somehow have to bring this color out somewhere?!?

My incredible, money saving pillows have several shades of green in them so that should help pull it together {kinda?!}

Okay - well, maybe it will look good enough to make in on the blog - I said maybe!


And a funny to end this incredibly long {and boring post!}

This was the last cookie. Lawson made the claim. And honestly, my kids don't care who gets the last cookie - most of them prefer white cheddar cheeze-its or goldfish. BUT Lawson had it and as you can tell had eaten over half of it. Then like a magnet to a refrigerator, Em appears from nowhere and just snatches it from his mouth - NO JOKE! Of course Lawson is looking like someone had just sucked all the red off his candy, so I grabbed the cookie from Em and gave it back. He is still screaming - uncontrollably! Now, remember - he doesn't really talk {okay - he doesn't talk at all!} But he obviously is screaming because of Em. So I took her to him to show him she had nothing left in her hands . . . . well - she did. See that tiny little piece? Yeah, that one on the right. That one a mouse would turn his nose on because it's too small. Okay - THAT was in her hand. Do you know that joker stopped crying when I handed it to him?!?

And he very precisely sat it and the larger piece on the table.

And didn't touch it {nor miss it when I threw it away 2 hours later.}


jess said...

I feel like doing the same thing when somebody drinks my mountain dew without asking. I mean really, the nerve. Completely normal reaction if you ask me. :)

Beth said...

Love those fabrics. Can't wait to see the final results.

Oh, and you gotta love some oreos with white stripes!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the etchings!! and i have to do the same thing w/ michael's 50% off custom framing! hey, that makes us thrifty!! -Tracie

Lynda said...

You crack me up! I came off my bc about 5 months ago and the acne (that I have never suffered through before) is just awful!

Is is just me or does the big piece of cookie look like a horse head (or should that be zebra head)?

Maggie said...

Love those swatches Kim - I can't wait to see it when you're done.

And I too am a big fan of silhouettes, we had them done a local fair this year and I can't stop looking at those sweet little profiles.

Southern said...

Love that frame you picked out for the nest painting - it makes it even more beautiful than it already was! Can't wait to see everything in the living room when finished. I love the fabrics...and sad that those lamps didn't make it, but that was a hard color...

Susie from Bienvenue said...

You know what I love most about you? YOu can go from birth control pills to cookies in one post....and I get! Love it! It's like Im just a friend hanging out with ya and could go on and on. I need some of those pills because I have way too much stuff going on here at my house too. More Than I think people want to hear about...but anyway. Life being a girl is hard...but oh so worth it when those babies call you Momma! Love ya and keep up the "real post" good job! ....Susie

fiberdoodles said...

The pictures are beautiful. I love the fabric swatches; what great colors!


The Long Family said...

Love the fabrics!!! I have some embarrassing stuff at my house too! I think everybody does.

Sandy Toes said...

Wonderful fabrics and colors!
sandy toe

cindy said...

ohmygosh....that frame makes my picture look like REAL Art! wow! You did a wonderful job of picking out a frame. Dang! I'm going to go have to paint some more now! LOL. Love your fabric swatches too...great colors. And the cookie story...toooo funny!

yapping cat

cindy said...

ohmygosh....that frame makes my picture look like REAL Art! wow! You did a wonderful job of picking out a frame. Dang! I'm going to go have to paint some more now! LOL. Love your fabric swatches too...great colors. And the cookie story...toooo funny!

yapping cat

writing4612 said...

I'm glad you're getting your etchings framed.

Your kids crack me up!