Monday, August 17, 2009

Holy Cow . . . it's really been over a week?????

I think this is the longest I've ever stepped away from blogging. Totally unintentional - I promise! If truth be known, last week was such a long, hard week. Nothing worthy of the blog, but know that I've just got alot on my mind, my heart and {I'm sure none of you are surprised}my plate. The balancing act isn't so bad . . . until something knew is thrown in. I'm sure you all know what I mean. And as vague as this all sounds, for once I probably will not be airing out all my dirty laundry till I can work it out myself.

I love to tell you guys I got so much done this past week - but not so much! Actually, I didn't get much of anything accomplished! Hudson started back to school. I was shocked at such a smooth transition! That is one of his biggest hang-ups. He can't stand change! The best example is if I go to town, I have to come home the same way or he freaks OUT! So, if simple things are difficult, you know big things are so much harder!!!!

But not this time. We talked about school starting back up for days! The school we are zoned for does not have a preschool. So I drive to another school that is fairly close {about 12 minutes away.} This year they have built a new school that offers a pre-K that is even closer {still not as close as our zoned school,} but due to the "hate of change," we will stay where we are at!! BUT Lawson should be going to the newer one once he turns 3! {Yes, that will be 4 kids at 3 different schools - how am I gonna do it, you ask?? I have NO clue! But I'll tell you when I figure that one out!}

Hudson ate lunch very quickly and then put on his backpack. He asked me about 76 times "ready to go yet?" in a 22 minute time frame. HAHA - it was hys-Terical!!! And yes, we wore his fav-O-rite kind of shirt . . . . tie dye!!! For the past 4 years, we always wear something tie dye for the first day of school! See, check it out for some proof!

Carson was whin-Y when Hudson got out of the van. You can kinda see in this picture.

Lawson was really upset when Hudson got out of the van! You can really see in this picture!

And Em was . . . well, I have no idea what she was {or was doing!?} but she has a new look that she does for the camera! It is like a no-denture-wearing-old-man! This girl cracks me up!! I swear her lips do NOT cover her nose - it is the way she has her head tilted! haha This picture is a combination of funny AND scary!

I also showed my house very little "home love" this week! I focused on my plants!

I'm a real stickler with house plants. I think a room is cozy with 3 things - Window treatments, Wall art and live plants! For those who can't keep a plant alive, I feel sorry for you. I love my plants and I have some that I've had since I was a kid!!!! I do way much better with house plants than yard plants - I need to get that out there! So, if you come by my house, don't expect some elaborate scene in my yard . . . it's not there! But I did replaced a few {such as the one above.} And I did a little repotting for some root-bound plants. I love the way the one above looks in that urn!

I also found a little piece of art for Em's room. I was checking my statcounter one day and I saw a link that I'd never been to - it was yapping cat studio. I read several of her posts and saw a painting that she did that I just had to have!!!!

I could tell it would look perfect in baby girl's room! AND it DOES!!!!

I mean it looks absolutely perfect in her room! I tried to get some of the fabrics in the background so all could see the sheer perfection! I swear, I get giddy every time I look at this piece!! I do plan on framing it, but keeping it where it is at {on her chest of drawers.} I think a tiny custom frame will complete it! I love it - have I said that yet??

I've got some other art from others that I have to blog about!!!! Christmas is around the corner and we need to utilize people like this for some great gifts!!!!

Speaking of gifts, I went to a baby shower yesterday! And I gave a painting. I feel really funny giving my art as a gift. Like I'm being super cheap. I've gotten to where I give gift certificates alot since my onetime fiasco when the name got spelled wrong. And that looks/sounds even cheaper!!! But I seriously think I might stop giving my art away. It's like I push it down their throat! What if they don't like my style OR they had other plans for their baby's wall art!?!? Guys, I need some honest opinions about this. I feel really weird-ed out by this situation. And I hate asking someone "would you want me to paint something for you?" Talking about Johnny on the spot!

Yesterday, I was pretty sure she wanted a piece - it had gotten back to me that she was going to talk about commissioning one. So, I thought it was a safe bet that she would like to have one as a gift!

The bedding was super cute. And lucky for me, it came from a local store. So, I easily picked up a piece of it so I could color match!

For those wondering, it is called Moo Cow. When I googled it, I saw you could get it at Target as well.

The cow applique is precious!!

And the chick that is on it, cracks me up every time I look at him!

Baby Mason will be here soon!

Abby, I hope you love his art!

That about sums up the past 7 days! I've got several paintings started! But none completed. I really didn't have the time to focus on anything this past week. I'm sure this week will be better. And I feel an all niter coming on {either tonight or tomorrow!} I promise to be back sooner this time!!


agr2r said...

AWW i love the art!!
i was soo excited when i saw it!
i think it is a great idea for you to give away your art! i know it takes alot of time and effort into painting just one of them.. and to buy they are not cheap lol

thank you so much for Mason's painting me and john both love it!

Amy said...

I love the tie-dye shirt! Your children are just precious! Also, what kind of plant is that in the urn? I really like the look of it. I only have one house plant, but a yard full of plants. So, I really need to work on the inside. Lastly, I think you need to keep giving your art as gifts. It is really unique and so much better than another onesie! I am sure those who have received it, love it!

Heather said...

Good morning! My mom paints and has the same issue as you about giving her art as gifts and I am always telling her how silly that is. What is the alternative...something from the store that the person may get 3 of and have to return anyways. I am always very blessed by personal gifts!

Natalie said...

Ok - first things first - Ems is adorable. Such a ham. Love that girl.

2nd - glad to see Huddy is enjoying school - Cam starts NEXT week. I am looking forward to it more than he is, I think.

3rdly - what kind of plant is that? I have just started putting live plants in my house. I have one in the family room and I am putting one in my bathroom ... I need that plant. WHAT is it called??

The "Mason" painting is to die for - I love it. Love the cow print.

Holly said...

Nothing wrong with giving art at a baby shower! I bet everyone loves it. Em is adorable! I love that face!

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

I can't think of a nicer baby present than something as cute and personalized as your pieces are! And really, can you get any better advertising than a baby shower?

--a fellow live plant snob : )

Megan L Hutchings said...

The tie dye shirt is so cute and such a great idea. I might still it!

Thanks for having me over on Saturday. I was so excited to see where all of your creativity comes to fruition :)!

Nicole-Lynn said...

So cute. Love the name Mason! :)

Bethany said...

I love "hand-made" gifts! You have a gift and we all love it...

BTW...lovin' the tie-dye! I think it is a super cool way to start off the first day of school!

missy said...

very, very cute!!!!!!

if i got a piece of your art as a would i ever be excited......i do not think that is being cheap.....everybody knows how much time and love you put into your work!!!!! i think it is a great idea!!!!

tale of many cities said...

that bedding is PRECIOUS!! i think giving a gift certificate is fine idea.. especially if you know they already love your work. :)

A Joyful Chaos said...

Love the art!

Scrapamum said...

I think you giving your art as a gift would be the best gift ever. It's so much more personnel. My sister is a quilter and I buy quilts from her to give as gifts because I think homemade stuff is just fabulous. I know myself I would have loved to have gotten one of your pieces of art over a store bought dress for my girls any day.

Lauren said...

You are so busy with art because EVERYONE loves your art! You give way, way more than something mass produced. How special, unique and beautiful! (And it takes so much of your time...and you sound like quite a busy gal...which is very meaningful too!) :)

Jennifer said...

I struggle with the same issue. I think the gift certificate thing is great because then they are getting the awesome gift of your art AND they can then tell you exactly what they want. And it is NOT a cheap gift! Your time, effort, and creativity are worth more than you think!

Love the cow print!

cindy said...

Kim, thanks again for your kind words about my painting. I'm honored! :D I'm glad you got it and I wish I could see more of the background...but I'm so very glad it worked out as you wanted! That always makes me happy (I'm sure you know the feeling!) :D And don't ever stop giving your gift of artwork. I think most people really appreciate and love, not only something handmade, but something that comes from the heart, as your works so obviously do! LOVE the cow print! Adorable and thanks again!
yapping cat

Paige said...

I love gifts that are made from me and are well thought out. I think anyone who receives one of your painting, whether for a baby's room or their living room, is blessed! You have an amazing talent. Keep on giving the gifts sister!

P.S. Love the painting for Mason!

Jenn said...

Love it---very cute. Love the pics of the kids...can't wait to see ya'll in a couple weeks!!

Sallie said...

Of COURSE anyone would love one of your pieces for a gift! WHAT are you thinking...? ( Secretly they know if they invite you, SURELY you will do them something! ) Ha!

Michelle said...

I was getting worried. More than a week with no posts, I was about to start having withdrawals. We all know you don't have anything else going on. ha ha.....Love the pics of the kids. My daughter, Lily just started making that same face as Em. Her lips actually cover her nostrils and she holds it like that until she needs to breath. Cracks.Me.Up..... I love your artwork. I think that would be an excellent gift. I agree with the comments on here. I think people would appreciate a handmade gift.....I love the plant in the urn. I am with the others, what kind is it?

Micah Wolf said...

I was thinking about doing the same (very similar) thing for my new nephew Wyatt....he has a farm nursery too, but when I post it I hope you don't think I copied...I was just inspired :)

looks great

joelandbecca said...

OK that is the cutest bedding! And, are you kidding? It would be such a priveledge to receive your art as a gift! My opinion (not that it is worth much!) is that it is totally priceless!

Your kids are too cute! I don't know how you do it all.

writing4612 said...

That Emsley is a mess, for sure. She is hilarious though!

I love that painting you got for her room.

I think it's fine for you to give your paintings as gifts. It's something unique that the parents will have, not just another blanket added to the five they already got.

Also, I don't think you're being cheap at all. Those paintings aren't pocket change, they're an investment piece(s).

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

You've had quite the week and no one thinks you cheap for giving your art. It's a sacrifice of time and that is HUGE! :)

Katie said...

Love the Moo Cow!! :)

Tammie said...

Your time is worth a lot more than anything else you could give and the supplies are costly... so don't feel cheap giving art for a gift. Besides your paintings are amazing, they would be crazy not to want one.

Robin said...

I think you art is a great gift! I wouldn't think of it as "cheap" at all! If anyone knows you (or reads this blog) they KNOW it takes you TONS of time to complete each and every one of your precious creations! Your time is worth WAAAY more than anything monetary!


Robin :o)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Happy Back to School days! Loe the photos, especially of your little Em! Tooo cute!

and goodness, Kim, I dont think any one would ever tire of your beautiful art!