Sunday, August 9, 2009

Avery . . .

That's the name! The name I have painted the most. I've painted it as "Avery," I've painted it as "Averie" and I've painted it as "A." But by far, that is the most popular girl name for my art. By no means am I saying it is the most popular name . . . I've just painted for it more than any other name. "Thomas" is the most popular boy's name I've painted. I went back and counted all the paintings that I've painted with those 2 names - each were 7 times! "Grace" {in different forms} comes in behind the 2 at 6 times. Of course the sad part is a couple of my children have "Thomas" and "Grace" as middle names - obviously, I don't get too original for my middle names.

But back to Avery . .

The wall color in the bedroom is called Watery SW 6478 {gorgeous color!}

This is a picture of new construction {so no floors yet!} I'm dying to see this room put together!

Check out that window!? It's sooo cute it looks like a picture frame is around it!

the dots wrap around the canvas and the blue you see in the above picture matches my "Watery" paint chip. I guess you want to see the bedding, huh?

It is the Coco Dot from Pottery Barn Teen. I'm showing both of these pictures because the colors look different in each picture! She is packed and ready to go . . . Please, please, please send me some pictures!!!

For those waiting on shipments - I swear I'm going to FedEx tomorrow morning! Last week was just a bad week for getting out of the house. Somebody was always having a fickle day and when I did get out, I would forget my boxes?!?! Obviously, I haven't blogged so you guys know it must have been rough. haha.

I've had a couple of emails asking about the TV situation. Well, it's gone!

That is my brother and Lonnie taking that baby away! Joey {my brother} is actually taking it. He was in need of a TV. Obviously we had one that we wanted to get rid of! The first 4 days were really bad! But then we got rid of the armoire that the TV was housed in. So, the TV "looked" gone. That was when the DT's stopped and Hudson was great! At that point we were sure we wanted to get rid of it. That was when Joey came over. We do still have a tiny TV in the boys' room. So, if they are good, they can have a 30 minute show {Noggin we love you} after bath/before bed. It works like a dream! Who knew!! And it is an awesome threat! "Do you want TV tonight???" in the meanest voice you can think of! "Yesss, please tv - don't take my tv!"


Okay, I've got a kid that smells like gummy worms {wonder what he just ate for breakfast} and another one telling me he doesn't want to eat garbage - {?} - so I guess I better feed these kids some breakfast!


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

thanks for giving us, inquiring minds, the scoop on the most girl and boy name paintings... (I didnt think about it when I had said that I would love to know also...that this meant your time taken to count those puppies up!) oops! haha

It's great that the "no-tv" thing is working out :o)

Rach said...

This one looks good. I like the chocolate brown background and the shading is perfect!!
The wall color rocks too! Bye bye TV see ya in January! ;)

Southern said...

I love it! Love that bedding too - too cute, as always. That's great the TV thing is working out.

Julie said...

love the sign...and the room it is going in!

Okay, did you send me the brushes? I ask because we got a package in the mail, but we didn't get it in time because we were at our camps and it was returned...but they didn't tell us who it was from! Was it you? I really hope not! Let me know... julie

Heather said...

I love the chocolate background on that picture! I am also so impressed with your no TV...we've cut back (a lot) but I would be totally happy with no tv at all.

Jennifer said...

Looks great as always! I hear you on loving Noggin! ;)

cindy said...

Love those colors...just gorgeous! And your work is always so wonderful! :D

yapping cat

Deb said...


I'm so excited. It looks so good. Avery was looking at the computer in awe when I showed her this post.

I will send you pics after we hang it.



Living With Purpose said...

Hey Chickster....Love this Avery. In fact, if you look thru your stack of orders - you'll see I have two for early September. Can you do the one for Lauren like Avery's? LOVE IT. Lauren's favorite colors are brown, pink and purple.... I can't come Saturday, but thank you for the invite! Man, your friends beat me to that desk :(

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

I guess it's no good that Averie's middle name is Grace. Ha ha ha. That's ok, I still LOVE it. ;)

Great painting!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have a BLOG HUG (aka award for you over at my place)... and I know that some (like you) don't post their awards up, but I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your site and talent (of course, your humor especially) !

Blessings & aloha!

Maggie said...


And yes, we've happily contributed to the "Thomas" population. Our TJ is Thomas James.

: )

Leigh Ann said...

That painting is going to be precious with that bedding. LOVE IT! Hmmm...getting rid of the TV. I think you are on to something! =) Wonder if I could get D to go along with it.

Danine said...

You simply amaze me!

Momma to Bug said...

We chose the name Averi for our soon to be born baby girl! I have never met anyone with a son or daughter named Avery before but had heard the name once and it stuck. I had no idea it was so popular. Funny thing is that the nursery room I did for her incorporates a lot of polka dots as well. I love your work!

writing4612 said...

What's the most unique name you've painted? I know someone asked this the other day, but I want to know, too.

Another great painting!

Congrats on getting rid of the TV...I don't watch much TV. The shows aren't what they used to's mostly mindless blabber.