Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm sure TMI and I hope you can follow this post . . .

. . . if not - I swear I'm not crazy, it's just the birth control pills talking.

You think I'm joking? Well, I'm not. I spent 24 minutes throughout the day explaining to a bestie how I'm feeling weird! Almost . . . well, crazy?! {Even though I can't possibly be crazy, because crazy people don't admit they are crazy. They think they are totally normal. But by me saying that could have cancelled it out and I AM CRAZY! Oh.Good.Lord!}

Seriously, here is the extent of our phone convos {and texts!} . . .

  • I think I might turn into a hermit.
  • Maybe "" is mad at me.
  • Ewww, I just found mildew on my wall where it meets our tub.
  • I might only blog of paintings and not my personal self {because I'm turning into a hermit - remember?}
  • I just can't give my kid steroids anymore {but I will because I have no choice.}
  • Hudson has 2+ protein in his urine again {due to a head cold - I'm sure.}
  • I don't remember birth control making me feel this way before kids?!
  • Okay, so after 4 kids, YOU really know your body and how you feel!
  • Don't talk about menopause - I'm not there yet!
  • Did you order that Clinique pore minimizer for me? {Got to get the free gift with purchase - although I have NO IDEA what the freebie is?}
  • Michael Jackson's death was ruled a homicide!! {Don't know how - when you did it yourSELF??}
  • I have nothing to wear for Mendy's wedding this weekend.
  • Wicked - I need to see it when it is town these next few weeks!
  • Romantic - I know she {being Mendy} didn't want to know my idea of romantic??
  • Maybe I should stop putting Hudson in pull-ups at night?!

blah, blah . . . .

I could so keep going! And I seriously said it all just like you read it! Rachel, did you say anything back? Or did I just keep talking without shutting up?

Uhmm, yeah - coocoo for coco puffs!

She just laughed at me. And I laughed back. And I think I will call my doctor and find out if I should give these bc pills another month? You know, before I turn into a hermit.

And obviously, I'm not blogging only about paintings?! Because I knew you all wanted to read about my birth control pills THAT I'm taking for reasons other than birth control!?!?!

So yeah, all the above would probably be considered too much info . . . sorry you had to endure that!

I really don't have a lot to say that has any importance to it . . .

except - somebody has been waiting on peek for awhile now!

I'm finishing up this one and 2 others for twin boys! Yah me!

Speaking of twins - Hudson just figured out that Carson and Lawson were "twins" a few days ago. And he gave me a look like only I can give because he was in disbelief that "we have twins?"

He is still talking about it.

Hudson, where have you been? That's old news, man!

Em's second tooth {top right} has finally popped through but you can barely see it in this picture {as of today - she is 17 months!}

Please ignore the snack that she's wearing!

I have a funny "tooth" story from the other day - Hudson came running downstairs with a fake cry. I asked him what was the problem and he said, "I toothed my tongue!"

He was serious.

I laughed till I cried.

Okay, this next picture was taken the same day the above picture was taken. After nap obviously . . .

I think this girl inherited my hair! And those who have seen me personally in the morning will totally agree! It was perfect from the front - laying all nice. Almost as if she combed it. Then you have the back.

This next picture is of Lawson. Who, the other day, picked out his own clothes {to include the hat.}

I actually buy the "twins" different clothes. A few things we swap, but for the most part Lawson has his clothes and Carson has his. And "NO" I do not dress them alike, nor coordinating. I actually bought this shirt with Carson in mind. Lawson liked it much better.

AND his 70's style hat matches. Please take note.

AND no, he didn't have on shorts - I just changed a stinky {I'm sure you wanted to know that!}

And one of my fav-O-rite scenes of the day . . . Lonnie coming home!

I absolutely love how they run to greet him {probably begging him to never leave them alone with me again!} haha - That's what I say to him when he hugs me!

But that's family.

That's my family.

now THAT was a random post!


Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I loved reading this post! I can understand some of those feelings! The pictures of the kids were great!

Southern said...

You're too funny! That so sounds like conversations I have with my best friend very often. I think we are just chronic multi-taskers that we can no longer even stick to one subject for too long on the phone! And have you thought about an IUD? Not to get all in your biz or anything... ;-)

Rach said...

Ummm yeah I answered. I kept your Dr tomorrow.....I think you should call your Dr tomorrow....yeah you might want to call your Dr aren't crazy just call your Dr tomorrow....another month...maybe your Dr tomorrow. :)

Natalie said...

Rachel - funny. I think I would say the same thing!!!

Kim, this is a great post and the last picture near brought a tear to my eye! It is great and I love how you can't see Ems, but you know exactly where she is!! I love it.

Come to Florida ... you certainly won't be a hermit if you did that!

Mommy said...

OH this made me laugh til I nearly cried. Those pills will make you crazy. I'm pretty sure Rach and I had a similar conversation and she gave me very similar answers a while ago. HA! I think you should call Dr. C...I think you should call Dr. C...Ummm...yeah, maybe you should call Dr. C. Call her today my friend.

P.S. Guess who is going to China? hehehehehe

Heather said...

This was too funny...only b/c there are days that I can totally relate!

Michelle said...

OMG don't you dare become a hermit!! I love reading your posts, random or not. The pics are great. Your kids are too cute for words. I love the sneaky peek!! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Bethany said...

It think I am going to love that picture! Can't wait to see the whole thing.

Lawson's style rocks! Oh yeah and Em's "teeth!" so cute.

Melissa's Thoughts said...

You are not crazy...this is a normal conversation in the life of a mother whose children are driving her ..... um...crazy? LOL

The Long Family said...

BC definitely makes you crazy. I was on this one and after the first month I thought it was making me crazy. Then next month I paid attention to the timing and YES it was making me NUTS!!! I called the doctor the next day! Love Random posts!

Anonymous said...

take it from someone who's been in your shoes... those pills CAN make you feel like you're going NUTSO! i never could take them. tried every kind on the market [back in the day] and all of them affected my brain in a negative way! so def. take Rach's advice and call the doc!
funny that Hudson just realized his brothers are twins..too cute! and as always.. Em is just too adorable for words! teeth or no teeth!

have a blessed week,

Matt, Allison and Jade said...

I'm sorry your feeling strange from your bc pills. I have been off since January and had no idea how much better I would feel not taking them. Since I'd been on them since Jade was a baby I couldn't even remember life before them.
I love, love those last two pictures btw:)

And the painting looks super cute...can't wait to see the rest of it.

chesley said...

once again you crack me up! fyi, bc pills make me feel crazy too. although i took them for the actual bc benefit. i couldn't deal with it, so got mirena & LOVE it. tmi..i know!

Lauren said...

Love Hudson's "twins" comment! (And just love his name!)

The "nap" hair is sooo cute!

And you have a freakin' ship in your backyard? Oh, my kids would want to live in your backyard! I bet your kids just love it!

Once again, love the detail on your artwork! Beautiful!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Can I just tell you... You aren't crazy... It IS your bc pills, after my third child they made me feel CRAZY too, my body chemistry had totally changed, I was moody and figity... It was awful, my husband said, You need to quit taking those, and so came baby #4 which we were planning anyway, and before baby #4 was born, I had hubby go get a snip snip... I WAS NOT GOING BACK ON THOSE CRAZY PILLS EVER NEVER AGAIN!

Danine said...

First love the pictures! Second I completely followed along with that conversation. We call that "working talk". It's when your brain is working a mile a minute and your mouth is just keeping up with it. It's all good, lol!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Random or always make me laugh :)!

I love the pic of EM and her hair! She is one happy baby!!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh, Your Em is so cute with her big grin and static-y hairdo!

And great job picking out the matching shirt and hat!

have a great week! the welcome home pictures too!

Blessings & Aloha!

Kacee Hogg said...

I love your always make me laugh and smile. I can sooo relate, those pills can make you feel outof your mind. :) By the way I lOVE LOVE LOVE the pics you took of your hubby coming home and greeting the kids in the precious!!!

Better After said...

Hi there! Just wandered onto your blog, thought I'd say hi!

Bless My Mess! said...

Okay girl hate to depress you BUT it only gets more crazy even after the bc is done & hormones are gone!!! I think some of us are just higher functioning emotionals...yea..that's it!!!lol. Thank goodness for friends that listen to us ramble for they have earned their wings in heaven. LOVED the family have such a beautiful family even if your are CRAZY :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hey there! I was visiting a blog and saw a canvas that said Avery...I knew it had to be you! I pretty! You have a great thing going girl! God bless~

Lauren said...

Just looking at those pics of Em makes me happy.