Friday, July 17, 2009

Computer woes {again} . . .

**** why didn't anyone email or comment that I said Em's bracelet was on the wrong arm?? Hahahah - and I thought we were such close friends!!! haha - I changed it! Thanks T Lee!!!

This computer is really about over itself. And we have talked about getting a new one - BUT I think that's going to be put on hold because we are contemplating about getting one of those TVs that hang on the wall?! Because you know, we need one. {You can't see me rolling my eyes - but I am.}Better yet, the plan is to hang it above the fireplace?! Because nothing screams "nice piece of art" like a TV. {Now I've rolled my eyes so far, they are stuck in the back of my head!} The only reason I'm going with this idea is because it solves another issue we have in the livingroom with seating. AND it will only be temporary. As soon as I have the dough that fireplace is getting the "ripped out treatment" and a built-in is going in!

Speaking of the livingroom - check out what I got . . . .

Vintage lamps!!! Now, I know this look might not work for everyone - nor is it every one's style. But that room is taking on a gigantic transformation and these jokers will go great in there!

Who doesn't love an estate sale?? Okay, as long as it's not YOUR family that is having the estate sale?!?! Circa late 60's to early 70's would be my guess. And my guess is they were used as inspiration for the padded {crush velvet} headboard in the bedroom I found them in. Uhmmm, let me add the velvet was the same color as the lamps . . . . interesting to say the least. I know exactly what shade will go perfect on these babies {and it sure isn't the ones that came on them that you see in the background!}

I just noticed Em's pink jelly on the table with the lamps? How did that get in there??

Who knows?

On to art {because I know someone has been waiting patiently to see this next one!
I was told the really like the "K" art in this post. She wanted the stripes and definitely the crown. After I got swatches for the bedding, I knew I had to do the 2 tone stripes again!

I've realized in posting these pictures that the green is slightly off, because I worked a little camera magic so the stripes are seen easily. Just know that the green matches perfectly!Here is the bedding - Kate from Serena and Lily. This is actually a more "true" to color picture of the fabric. Most of the pictures you find of the bedding depict a lime {almost neon} green. It is a very soft, spring green. Divine is the best word to describe it! When I received the fabric swatches my mouth hit the floor! If anyone is looking for a truly girly bedding - you HAVE to consider this one! I am in love!

Since this font has 3 or 4 fonts on top of each other, I really had to do some crazy shading. At first, I tried painting the "A" brown with plans of shading it several lighter shades of brown and taupes. It was WAY TOO HARSH! I actually scrapped that whole canvas and started back over - it really was that bad.

Then I painted the "A" white. It just blended in with the background too much! The walls are painted a green shade - so I decided to use green to give it some color!

Like I said - the crown was a must! I try desperately to make every crown I paint different. This one I alternated between painted pearls and actual 3-d ones. I love a good crown {haven't I said that before??}

And a sneaky peeky for the next time . . . .

. . . . couldn't imagine what the overall theme of this one will be?

I also have some pictures of us at Monkey Joe's - fun time was had by all . . . . except Lawson. He hung out at the front of the building watching TV?

Monkey Joe himself . . . and the ONLY picture of Lawson {he would be the one I have my arm around!} He was all about the food and liked Joe! Just don't ask that kid to jump!

Em had the time of her life. Her fav-O-rite part = the blue wrist band {actually it was a "bracelet"} on her LEFT arm. Look how she holds it out?? She kept staring at it as if it was gold and diamonds. Riot!

Hudson has an obsession with tie dye. He wears it all the time!

Carson has an obsession with HATS? Reminds me of someone else in my family!

Lonnie got into the action!

AND me, too! Em loved these slides! She actually would go down them by herself!

And I'll leave you with this image {because we always get the MOST HYSTERICAL PICTURES of this kid} to prove what a fantastic time she had . . . .

That is Alaina Claire in the foreground, but that would be Miss Em, herself, having her "a one girl party" in the background!!!!!


pve design said...

I am wishing that I lived nearby, I think I would be the stalker of your "trash" and secretly be watching to see if the lamps were put out...
I hope you paint the lamp-shades.....
That A is so swirly! I love that you took some time to have some hysterical fun and show us the lamps -oh and your Em, showing her muscles!

Beth said...

Love those funky lamps. Can't wait to see what you do with them. And that nursery bedding & the canvas you did are adorable. Too bad I'll never have a little girl so I can do one of those "oh so girly" rooms. That pic of Em is hysterical!

Lauren said...

The "new" lamps look fun! I cannot wait to see the final outcome!

You know that I just love your art so much! Even the ones that YOU say don't turn out are just beyond amazing!

...and Monkey Joe's...We almost went there the other day (but went to an aweful amusement park...see post ...instead)! Ha! I'm thinking M. Joe's would have much more my speed! What a great family time! I love the pix of you and yours on the slide!

Roxanne said...

I LOVE those lamps! Great find.

I am cracking up over that last pic of Em having the time of her life!

chesley said...

I am in love with those lamps! Those pics of Em are hilarious. She looks like one fun girl :-)! You need to check out our store in the 'boro b4 you buy a tv..we have some great deals. it's over by Kmart - Essex. Lots of junk sometimes, but also some great deals.

shabby girl said...

Oh Kim, you crack me up! I get the feeling that Ems is quite a bit like her mama!

Are you going to make shades for the lamps? Could be VERY cute!

T Lee said... isn't that "bracelet" on her left arm...(wink)

lamps are cool

tale of many cities said...

lamps are a find girl! retro is hot!

Momofthree said...

I just love those lamps girl... where ever did you find such unique pieces??? :) Enjoy them. I am sure you will showcase thier true potential!

Izzy said...

Love the lamps!!

Holli said...

That Em....! lol!

Southern said...

Yes, the lamps are fabulous! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

love the photos, and especially the last one of your Princess Em... she is totally having a ball!