Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recipe for disaster . . . .

Sit back - this is a long one!

My blog has always been the "real" type. You know the kind I'm talking about. A friend once said, "there are enough blogs out there that blow sunshine up butts!" haha - well, we all know that is NOT me. When I'm happy, I want you to be happy with me. When I'm sad, I want you all to feel me. And when I'm mad, well . . . I just like everyone to know it! That simple. That is who I am.

So, let's keep it on the "real" side for today! This post is going to be about mistakes. That's right - I make them. All.the.time. Who doesn't?? And don't tell me you - 'cause I don't want "perfect" reading my blog!!! Makes me look bad ya' know!?! So, find a sunshine blog!

Okay - all jokes aside - The title to this post is about the only recipe I have down pat {except of course my "so good that if you put it on top of your head, your tongue will smack your brains out to get to it potato salad"!! And I get emails about that salad weekly of people thanking me - SO that is OFFICIALLY the name of it! A bit long, I know, but perfect name none the less!} Recipe for disaster - A daily happening around here. And I think I ask for it! Why else would it happen so often?

Perfect example -
Today's recipe for disaster . . . . the potty chair was left out. Why, Kim, do you have a "baby" potty chair out?? Uhmm, I don't know - maybe wishful thinking that my 2 and a half year olds would use it?? I don't know why - Hudson didn't. He went straight to the regular ol' toilet. Now, he strips down to nothing, climbs on it backwards, stands and squats on the seat all while holding onto the lid - I mean can you do that on a "baby" potty?? If you can - I want pictures!

Well, silly me was upstairs trying to get nap stuff ready. Seriously, I was upstairs {Lawson and I} for maybe 6 minutes. Hudson brings me a clean pair of underwear.

"Huddy, where are your draws?? {that is the way we talk - no wonder all my kids have a speech delay!}

"There wet."

"Uhmmm - did you pee in them?"

Noooo - I peed on them."

Uhmm, Ewwww! Why," as I'm going downstairs to investigate.

I never got an answer {from him} - YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I FOUND??? Ask me - please just ask me!!

Your too slow - I'll just tell you . . . . I found the "baby" potty chair in the middle of the living room. The most important part is that Em found it first. That's right - Emsley found the potty chair TO INCLUDE THE PEE before I did! She also put his "draws" in the pee in the potty. If I had to guess, she did it while he was peeing or as soon as he moved. Do I need to add that her clothes were wet??? I'm pretty sure I know why - and the thought grosses me out beyond belief.

Did someone once comment on my blog they thought I had it all together? Crazy!

And no - no pictures. I'm sure you have a great visual.

But the story doesn't end there! I striped her down and went upstairs to get more clothes. I heard an awfully familiar sound. Nothing concerning, but a sound that I hear every day. A sound that I couldn't quite put my finger on. As I was really thinking of what it could be, it dawns on me about the time I'm turning the corner into the kitchen.

It's the sound the dog water bowl makes when I drop it down in it's rack after I fill it each morning.

At least she was naked. But the tracks?? That is Carson's blankets she put in the bowl and then drug around. The blankets he sleeps with. Took a long time to get him to take a nap without them today!

Needless to say - I have a big mess to clean up when I finish this post! Naptime will not be used for painting today!

And speaking of painting!! And disaster!! Here is one that was both - that completely made a turn around. God saw this day coming and was trying to help a sister out with a tiny miracle is about all I can say! Yes, this is about the sneaky peek from the last post.

I'll start from the beginning - There are actually 2 paintings. At first we had talked about the paintings "coordinating" just in case the sisters ever shared a room down the road. I think the assumption was they would if more children came into the picture. Well, guess who is pregnant - and guess who will now share rooms? So, we talked about all the different elements Heather {the mom} wanted to see in the girls' paintings. I'll just say it - somewhere in the back of my mind I forgot about the coordinating part.

She wanted stripes and she loved the scalloped edge, but she really like the idea of a crown too. I'll admit that I started painting stripes like the Ella Faith one, but it was becoming clear with all the colors I was using that it was going to be way too busy for the crown! So, direction shifted. And that is when I forgot about the coordinating part!

You really cannot see the stripes dead on - but at an angle you get an awesome show of what metallic paint can really do for you! True tone on tone look. I'm currently doing another painting with the same stripes that you will see in a day or two.

But the original stripes turned to tone on tone stripes is not quite the disaster. Trust me - that stuff happens about every other painting. You can visualize it in your head - but once on that canvas . . . . well, just know that I change it if it is going to be funky! The disaster begins when I'm basically through. All that was left was sealing. That's it. I hang them on the wall and just stare at them {because I really like how the stripes turned out and yes, I did tape those out - I'll not lie to you.} The only thing is the "g" in Reagan's name is bit off to me for some reason. You can't tell except the "y" in Rylee hangs in the right direction and if they are hanging close together you are going to see it. I knew I was going to have to do some major touching up on it to make it right. But. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks, "CRAP - they are suppose to be coordinating - not matchy-matchy!!" The original stripe idea would have been super easy, peasy to make coordinating - this design not so much! And that is why I never thought of it once I got going in the direction they ended up!

Well, I was in the process of typing out this long email explaining all that. For whatever reason, I was typing out "Reagan" and stopped dead in my tracks. I slowly looked up with that all knowing feeling. It was about 4:30 in the morning and I could feel my coffee rising . . . .

Yeah - that's right . . . . I spelled it wrong!!! WRONG!!!!! How in the heck did that happen?? I've never seen Reagan spelled any other way?? Never seen it spelled "Reagen?" How did an "E" get in the place of an "A" - I have no idea - and the world may never find out! The problem with free-handing!

I got on facebook and there was Heather. I IM'd her - somewhat explained what had happened. I included the coordinating {or I should say NOT coordinating} part. Why I chose the stripes. And then the big doozy. I was going to tease her that maybe Reagan wouldn't notice {haha - fat chance!!} I didn't want her to think that I wouldn't fix it. And I thought that was God speaking to me that they were suppose to be coordinating - so trash it and make it coordinating. Heather brought up the fact that I was probably sleep deprived {maybe!?} and that her girls are at the age where they say "hers is better than mine." So it is great they look just alike! I did send her an email with pictures attached. And SHE loved them!!! Of course if only I could change the "e" to an "a" . . . . . I thought and thought . . . .

I had to fix it. I didn't want to start over! She liked them matchy-matchy. Uggghhh - what to do, what to do. I just set to work {with my "no formal training" self - I think that it's obvious at this point!} I got a ruler . . . the "a" would not fit in that spot! The "g" had to go too! Good - that "g" wasn't rockin' nothing but my boat!

How funny does that picture look??? It was starting over in that one spot. All artist know I was asking for it. A patched up job that looked patched up! At this point, if I had to start completely over, oh well. I had to redo stripes an all. Nerve racking to say the least!

Well, I did it! Don't know how, but I did! And those that have seen it in person and knows the story can't tell! Hallelujah!!! And I can't tell! And that is saying something . . . because I can always tell! I think that is why I wanted to share the story!

I mean - who wants to talk about mistakes??? Not me! Okay, only the ones I fixed!

I think I said "coordinating" 22 times in this post? How weird.


Rach said...

I think someone needs to keep a better eye on their kids. Good grief. Who does that?!!!

hee hee

Roxanne said...

Well, I think that's one "Perfect" patch job!

Can you keep doing "Reagan" paintings so I can keep linking them on my blog? HA! Love them.

I can't wait til I have a child and can get you to do a painting. Our girl name has R, E, and you should like that one. If we have a boy...God help us, we'll fight about that name until the dr. forces a decision!

Melinda said...

They are gorgeous! And as for the pee incident..umm, well, count your blessings that it was just pee!

PS: Please, take a nap :-)

Amy said...

Girl you are fabulous! You may have had a day from "heck", but you are totally rock'in with the paintings. What mistake? ;0)

Meagan said...

I swear, for whatever reason, I could "hear" this post... as I read it in my head, it was your voice and I laughed! :-)

The paintings look great!

Danine said...

I'm with Meagan above I could also so "hear" your voice on this post too! Oh no your getting into our heads, lol.

Lovin' the potty story and the paintings are of course anything BUT spectacular!

Paige said...

Love these paintings! Wonder how many works of art from artists were by mistake? We're human and they are gonna happen every now and then. So glad you could fix it!

shabby girl said...

Kim....I just LOVE your blog! I swear, I love your honesty, your humour, your day to day posts!
Here comes a great big hug for you!

joelandbecca said...

OK- all I have to say is I don't know how you survive! This post had me laughing, even though that pee incident is so unfortunate. All I have to say is you are such a trooper! Your last post just has me in awe of your life! I am so glad you don't sunshine it all. I think those sunshiners are faking it at some point! You are just too cute, and it makes people love ya more that you keep it real. It doesn't hurt that your talent is over the moon fabulous too!

Bethany said...

Heather and I both said that your talent is amazing. You really do put thought into these, that even though it wasn't the first idea, you made it better and more her style then what she could have done! Great job! Oh and the water/pee, it so must be the age... Ella is all about dunking things in water a.k.a. the toilet!!!

You rock Kim!

An Accomplished Woman said...


You have inspired me to "be real" and blog about my nightmare garage. So you keep up the good work. Blogging about your real self. I will follow. You are hilarious.


Jennifer said...

Impressive fix! The crowns are amazing!

Tutta la Storia said...

I like it when sunshine is blown up my arse. Tee hee. OMG so many hysterical parts to this post--the pee, the blankets in the dog bowl, the e instead of the a--GREAT POST!

Brandie said...

I know that heart stopping, coffee rising feeling well! You did a wonderful job on the correction!

Boo said...

Kim- I have to tell you that your blog & website have been an inspiration to me for several months. I finally decided to try to venture out on a limb and start a small business of my own. Feel free to stop by my site sometime- I don't have a blog up on it yet, but hopefully soon. Thanks!

acutely cherished said...

So, I'm thinking I need to have another baby just so I have an excuse to order one of your lovely designs! =)