Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have a confession to make . . .

I've just been in a funk lately! You know what I mean? Just feeling plain funky! {If funky can be plain?!} That is why you haven't seen me this week. I hate blogging when I feel this way because it's like I try to bring you down with me. And I really don't want to do that . . really, I don't! So, I stayed away hoping the funk would go away.

Why the funk {?,} you ask?? I don't know - mainly personal stuff going on in my head. Which could be really scary! haha! But I've really had a battle lately about my Christian walk and I'm just not satisfied. I don't like where I'm at or where I'm headed . . . so I've been working on a lot of change the past several days. I've made some decisions that should better not just me, but my family. My husband is ready for the changes and agreed we both need it - so here we go! Big changes ahead for the Wheelers!

I've shown my house tons of home love this week! We moved tons of furniture around. And we added some new stuff! And guess what I finally got?? My last etching framed! Ahhh. . . and I love them so! I couldn't wait to hang them up. So as soon as I got home, I made Lonnie hang them all! And then lucky for me, my upholstery guy showed up the next day with a big treat . . .

Remember this chair???

It was the one I bought at my grandparents' estate auction last summer. Well, check it out now!

Uhmm, yeah . . . it took me over a year to make up my mind on fabric! And yes, I'm in love!

And you all have to remember this post - just scroll through it and look at the pictures especially of the chairs {I'm not asking you to read it again!} Oh, the madness - those horrible chairs! Well, look at them today!

Why, yes - those are those incredibly, expensive pillow {I only pull them out for pictures - even guests don't get to see them in person!} I have to tell you that I love these green chairs so much, but it makes me want color on my walls NOW! I think that is the next big project. And I think I'm going to have someone else decide what color for me - if not, it will probably be about 4 years before I make up my mind!

I was having an issue with lighting in this room. Lamps in particular. None of my lamps "matched?" Does that make sense? I wanted all different lamps, but I wanted them to "work" together! Well, truth be told - mine looked like they were fighting a war against each other! They just look all kinds of ugly in my living room! But I changed that with a couple new ones this week!

This shade matches the blue in the antique rocker. But it looks awesome with this oil, too! I really wanted to move this piece of art upstairs and have only etchings downstairs. And I actually just painted black and distressed an antique mirror for this spot. But I just can't seem to move this painting to my bedroom yet! I love it so much and really like to look at it. I just plan on waiting a week or 2 before I move it!

Speaking of move . . . a friend of mine bought a great table {from the same going-out-of-business-store that I got my fantastic hutch!} I've been trying to talk her out of that joker since I first saw it in her house! I had no idea where I would use it - BUT this girl wanted. it. bad!!

I finally called her and told her I was willing to put our friendship on the line. I would will, deal or steal the joker - take her pick!?! I offered up one of my antique dressers - she could choose which ever one she wanted . . . well, it worked! She said she was thinking she wanted a piece that had drawers {not the doors} so she was willing to give in and trade! My persuasion skills are getting better and better!

We moved my red shelf that was in my studio/office to the boys' room {which actually belonged to them originally!} Which, can I say - that once we got that huge thing in their room it was absolutely PERFECT?! This whole time, I thought it was going to be way too big. So, it never was moved in there! But with birthdays in a few days and Christmas in a few months - we needed something to house more toys! Now, obviously, I haven't gotten this shelf anywhere like I want it. BUT I really like it. And I needed the doors! One day I might actually do something with this room!

And I finally got the boys' birthday invites out! Of course no one will get them till Tuesday and the party is Saturday! Less than one week's notice - shocker! I'm soo bad with invitations {birthday cards, graduation cards, Christmas cards, etc!}


Whitney Lee said...

I love the chairs! I badly need to recover my sofa but I figure with a toddler and a baby on the way I might as well wait a few years. Doesn't it make you feel you've gotten all new furniture?
I'm surprised you are hesitant to pick out a paint color...that's what you do! And paint is always easier and cheaper to change than fabric.
Thanks for the update.

Lynda @ SportsMadGirl said...

I love those chairs!! The green is great but the paisley rocks!

It's really amazing that you have a hard to picking a paint color. I would guess that would be the easiest thing for you to choose. Just remember that it's just paint and it "easy" to change. Just go for it!!

Wendy said...

Not that my opinion matters - I'm a total stranger to you! But, I love the chairs and think you made fabulous decisions! I have several decisions to make around my home, also, when it comes to decorating. I can't make up my mind. I'm so envious that you took the plunge and love your choices! I'm still in that "scared to commit" phase and it's driving me mad!!

Paige said...

Love what you did to the chair! I have a wingback chair that was my grandfather's and a sofa that was my great-aunts. I want to recover them so bad, but can't make up my mind about them! Black, white, green... blue, chocolate, cream... orange, pink, yellow... Hmmm... I think I like color way too much! You did a great job and I love the cabinet as well.

Have a great week! Praying for you as you make changes.

julie & joe said...

I love the chairs!!! I have my grandfather's chair which my grandmother had recovered about 5 years ago and I am so glad I traded for it. I love colored walls. I think you'll have fun deciding on a color for that room!

Suzanne said...

Hey Kim!
Everything looks great! You are right...that oil painting is amazing!! So beautiful...makes me want to be in the picture!
I hope you have a better week and hopefully your "funk" will pass. Thought I would share a verse about prayer that encouraged me today in Sunday School.
Take Care
Romans 8:26

tale of many cities said...

happy for you that you got your etchings hung, and your chair back.. & you got the trade you wanted! that should all help with your funk!
love the fabric.. and you made me giggle about the pillow! girl.. just enjoy it, cause you can't take it with you! :D

have a great week!

Allison said...

Whatever is going on for you, know that you will come out into the light at the end, and be better for the changes you are making. I have serious chair envy--hmm . . . I may have to steal over there myself and grab it!

Jen R. said...

I love the fabric on that chair!

chesley said...

everything looks great! i know what you mean about a funk. i've been in one too..spiritually, emotionally, etc. etc. i feel like i can't talk to anyone w/o bringing them down, much less blog so i just haven't! here's to hoping it gets better!!

Swan Family said...

Awesome Chairs girl!!!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I am loving all of your furniture, but especially the green chair and ottoman. Love it! I'm sure your home is absolutely gorgeous, no matter what you say about how crazy things are. Keep it up!

shabby girl said...

I swear, I LOVE when I have an epiphany about my life and make decisions to change it!!! Now that's really Living!!!
Good for you!!!!

joanne said...

As usual you're an inspiration. I've been "loving" my home and in turn giving some love to me. It feels great and my mind is exploding with ideas. =)

Bless My Mess! said...

I feel your funk - I am going through a big one myself. Feel better soon... need you to make me laugh :)

Jenn said...

chairs look FABULOUS! will call you later in the week to catch up!!


The Long Family said...

I love the green chairs!!!!!!

Vee said...

I have that same chair, the one from your grandparents!!! My daughter calls it the duck-arm chair! I love what you did with yours, you have inspired me!!!!