Sunday, March 2, 2008

Alright . . .

****updated with pictures {I found the camera!} ****

I know, I'm making all you guys wait to see this picture of me. Krista is coming to visit today {I think} to take some {very few actually} PRO-Fessional shots of {some} art - I've really got to get this website going!! While she is here, I'm going to casually mention the camera be turned to me - haha. I have no doubt that she will crack up laughing - hysterically - because she knows that Kim does not like prego pictures of herself - at all! BUT, I figured with this being the LAST pregnancy {did I mention Lonnie has an appointment on May 2nd to end our pregnancy issues??} I thought I just might have at least a picture - just 1 though. I refuse to over do it - AND I will be fully dressed - literally like a snap shot - nothing fancy!! Trust me guys - I have plenty of memories - I really don't need the pictures!!!

But I did receive a picture from a friend - thanks Rachel - when I was about this far along with Hudson. "HOLY SCHMOLLY!!!!" Can we say, "hysterical!!" Did I actually pose for that one??? You can't see my cankles, but you can see my wrist - wait, there were no wrist - my hands looked like they were attached to my arms with no WRIST!!! It looks like I had an allergic reaction to something!! Don't expect to see that one - it will not be posted!!

Anyways, I've been slaving over here - that is why I've not been blogging. I really did over do it - I don't want to hear any lip from you guys - BUT I have MORE orders coming in AND I really needed to get my "studio" {or whatever you want to call it} in working order!! I mean you all saw the pictures of the desk and paint table!! Give a girl a break and let her clean something around here!! Needless to say, it looks much better in this room and as soon as I find the camera {now that my batteries are charged} I will have to take some pictures!!!

This would be the red shelf from a previous post {that I didn't show in a full picture}

Let me tell you guys that I don't scrapbook - BUT WHEN I DO - I've got SO MANY SUPPLIES!! And they are now ORGANIZED!! Thank you very much!!

I do have an obsession with ribbons - you can see some of the smaller rolls displayed in the clear hurricanes. I always love all the colors mixed together!! Sad part - I still have SO MUCH MORE CRAP to organize AND display . . . I do love the clutter look - and I'll have it as soon as I get it all sorted through! Ha!

As soon as I get a painting or 2 done around here, I will post those too!! I've been working on some cutie ones lately - I can't wait to get some feedback on them. Have I told you all that I've yet to do one for new baby!? That really is sad. I have a plan that involves 2 canvases. Do you think the hospital staff will look at me weird IF I take my paints and stuff to the hospital and work on them after I give birth??

I'm sure it wouldn't surprise those who know me it they walk in and saw me painting in the hospital bed!!


Holly said...

Way to go Kim! Looks great! And if the hospital staff knew you they would not look at you weird at all! Of course this being your fourth kid in under 3 years it seems they should know you!

Courtney said...

love your red bookcase! And how cute are your storage boxes/labels?? Very nicely arranged. Wanna come do mine?

By the way, where's that preggo picture????????

Wendy said...

Hey I don't want to see a picture of that red thing, I want to see a preggo picture of you!! Bring on the preggo pictures!!!! ;)