Thursday, July 30, 2009

A to Z . . .


- Go to Fabulous K's blog - she is having some great give-a-ways!!!!

- Has anybody read the comments from the Chawed post?? Just do it! I'm sorry to call some of you out - but there was a story {or two} that got me tickled!

On with scheduled post

I seriously think I need a "Q" name and "X" name AND I will have officially painted a canvas for every letter in the alphabet! Now, what would be super cool is if I did a post that had pictures of 26 canvases for each letter! I'm going to have to work on that.

This bedroom is decorated with Classic Pooh and I was told the walls are a pale, mint green.

And I'm keeping this one short - I'm sooo tired tonight. I think I might just wash my face, brush my teeth and go to bed . . . . . OR I might just drink some coffee and see what my future holds - ha!

Today was so draining - I'm having some major behavioral issues with Hudson. And I feel the need to nip it in the bud now! I do blame the steroids for most of it - I mean he basically has been on them since November {so not good,} but some of it has to be his age. Yesterday morning, I decided to get rid of the TV! What a difference! Yesterday was awesome. I explained to him why there was no TV and he was very compliant {I was shocked!} Today has been a different story. I swear I think he is going through withdrawals - DTs! He was screaming at me tonight that he needed some TV {like it's a drug!} Seriously, this evening was the worst behavior I've ever seen! Ever!

I'm not watching it either. I was going to watch Days of our Lives yesterday, but didn't due to guilt! So Saturday, I'm really doing away with our TV. Poof - gone. Squash the temptation! Until {of course} we buy the one to hang above our fireplace and mantel - ghetto style! But it's budgeted out for September - so no boob tube till then! This truly is an experiment!

What a horrible name - boob tube?

I think I'm too tired to drink coffee?


J Family said...

Boob tube is what my husband calls it too and we are also trying to get rid- trying meaning we are in a two year contract with a company that just plain sucks so if we complain enough then maybe they will let us drop. I see behavior differences in my girls when they watch t.v.- even a little show. Good luck!!

Lauren said...

I'm sure that you have painted soooo many names! So, here's two questions:
1. What is the most unique name you have painted (the one in this post)?
2. What name have you painted the most of?

And for the tv...I used to watch Days in college...I haven't since, but was channel surfing and found it, and still knew what was going on! How great is that! :)

chesley said...

i think it's the age! he and grant are the same age & we are having the same battle daily. he totally freaks out when i tell him no tv/wii/computer. it's like he has technology withdrawal!

Betsy said...

We too have considered ridding our home of the tv. It just causes too many fights. Seriously every night at bed our little one begs for another show.

Jo said...

Not sure if you were looking for names that begin w/ Q (Quinn)or X (Xenia). There were many times we cut the TV - which was nice. We also gave them 15min chips that they had to earn chores gd behavior etc what they earned is what they got the next week Then they had to chose what to "spend" it on We also used it for computer time...Jo

Tammie said...

We have no TV, the kids can watch movies on our laptops or a projector, if they earn them for a reward. It works great:) We also get a lot more done around the house and go to the gym and pool with our kids about 3-5 days a week.

Rach said...

Digging the Zelynn painting. I like this "new" line of several different colors on the front. Works good for a room like this. You know how I feel about the tv. Steriods SUCK, but I think it is his age as well. He is a boy. :p

Jessica said...

OK, so do you say this Zee-lynn or Zeh-lynn? It's definitely different. I can't believe you only need those two letters! :)

Oh, and I'm interested in the answers to Lauren's questions.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I'm interested in Lauren's question too...
That would be fun to see a post with the names of each alphabet represented.

Hope you are all getting through the TV withdrawals.

MOm said...

We actually did get rid of the TV. Put it on a cart with wheels in the closet and only took it out to watch movies. Hardest, but best parenting decision we ever made.
I highly recommend it. Kids whine for a bit, then they start reading, drawing, playing board games, playing outside, helping around the house (gasp! but true) and all sorts of things. 15 years later I don't regret it a bit.