Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thomas . . .

**edited** I forgot to tell you guys - go to Fabulous K's blog! She is having all kinds of give-a-ways this week AND guess who is giving something away????

How did you ever guess? tee hee!

I really love this name. It is my "Papa's" name. I knew that I was definitely going to use it for one of my boys. Lawson is the chosen child that was named after my mother's father. Lawson Thomas Wheeler. Funny thing is before this post, I had no idea what it meant. It is the one name of all my kids' that I did not look at the meaning. No matter what the meaning, I wanted to use it {but just in case it was a funky meaning, I didn't want to chance not wanting to use it! hahaha} I did just looked it up - it means "a twin" - I just got cold chills. Lawson's name was picked before I was pregnant with Lawson. Funny - he is a twin.

Now, obviously this post is about another Thomas and I normally would not have thrown in all the personal info if it wasn't so "freakin' me out" crazy! It just amazes me when things come together like that!

The bedding came from Target - Trend Lab Baby Yacht Club. I like the blues and chocolate together - a very sophisticated look. I don't think I could ever get tired of this color combination. And it can be used forever with a little boy.
And I love the added nautical theme. What I wouldn't give to be somewhere "nautical" at this very minute!!! ha

Thomas is packaged and ready to go!

I've gotten a ton of emails about my hair products! I've really gotten so many, that I thought I would just tell you all about what I use.

First off - I usually only use products for color treated hair. I don't have color on my hair, but I do have fine/somewhat thick hair. I learned a while back that if I use all the volumizing products out there, my hair starts feeling like straw. But I have incredibly oily hair on a normal basis, so if I use moisturizing hair products - I look greasy! Products for color treated hair gives the perfect balance that I need.

I still like using some type of pomade - but like I said, I have oily hair. so, I stay away from anything that is "waxy." Joico use to have the BEST stuff . . . . then they discontinued it {thanks!} But I've found an awesome product that I don't think I could live without!

Has anyone else tried this stuff?! This is almost like crack for me! It is Rusk being shocked. It is an adhesive and it gives the perfect piece-y look - even better than the Joico stuff I mentioned! It is not heavy or greasy - L.O.V.E it!

I notice they have a ton of other stuff - I need to check it all out! I can waste some dough on hair products!

Now, I use to use Amplify's root lifter, but my face and head started breaking out like crazy! I've used that stuff for years and it use to not do that. It was about the time they changed their packaging. I wonder if they changed up their juice as well?! It was not good around here till I found this next stuff . . .

Now, the only thing I can find wrong with this stuff is the smell. It's not bad. But it's not good either. It is alcohol free, so it doesn't have that smell - but something like it. You know when a product is suppose to be "odorless" or "perfume-free" but it still has that certain smell??? Okay, that's it with this line! But really who cares, the results rock -so I can get past it!

Their hairspray is just as good. I don't know about you all, but I like "touchable" hair. My days of aqua net and rave are so behind me! They promote this product as "humidity resistant." Hahaha - uhmm, yeah right - don't fool yourself! I live in Tennessee with fine hair that has some body. I haven't met a product yet that can keep my fro from fro-ing in the summertime! One of the main reasons it stays short!

The other good thing about using products for color treated hair is the type of sunblock it has. Now, I'm not saying it is real sunblock as we know it, but it has some type of ju-ju to prevent color fade. I L.O.V.E this! Even as dark as my hair is, if I get in the sun it still lightens up - I hate that!!!! Sun-kissed hair is cute on a young child. Go back and look at my pictures and you will definitely see the "it's-not-so-cute-anymore" age! {Gag me!} I haven't had that problem since I started using color-fade products.

Hope that helps those who had questions!


Karli said...

Oooh, I love anything from Pureology! They are my heroes! :) I love the Thomas painting too. Thomas was a huge consideration for our last child, we went with Luke, but I still love the name Thomas. I am a total blog stalker by the way and I have stalked your blog for many moons now ;) I love it!


Lauren said...

Love the Target (wow) bedding! Your artwork...well, I'm always in awe! Such, talent, talent, talent!

Anonymous said...

absolutely love the bedding! your painting just makes that special touch! :)

Candice said...

The Thomas sign is so precious...a perfect addition to any child's room! :)

Danine said...

Thomas painting ROCKS!

and my hairdresser uses the pureology on my head too and I love it but unfortunately I have issues with spending that kind of money on myself (yes I know I need to deal with it and I'm trying, really I'm trying) so I've yet to buy any!

Polka Dot Moon said...

LOVE your creations!!! Simply fabulous!!

and LOVE every bit of the Pureology line.


The Etters said...

KIM! OMG I love your designs and I had JUST asked Kelly about your site on Monday because I couldn't remember the address. And here you are with a giveaway. She sent me to you :) And of course, you know I just blogged about your wonders: