Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tree is up . . .

. . . . And decorated! No easy feat with 4 little crazies running around!

Sorry for only a sneak peek - it looked the best in close up shots {and the fact that I still do plan to partake in the Christmas Tour of Homes with Ms. Nester herself on December 14th!} I have soooo many ornaments that they are dripping from the tree. I've always loved the look of the trees you shop from in a store. The ones that have more ornaments than limbs. Yeah, that's what I like!

Yes - that is a Mr. Potato Head.

I only have had 5 casualties this year {so far.} I'm sure the number will steadily grow as we encroach upon the Christmas season. It seems that 2 of my 4 little people really like to "touch" the tree and already have a sense of ownership over a few of the ornaments.

I really thought that most of the ones within their reach were UN-breakable. Not hardly. Even the SHATTER-PROOF ones are not safe . . . . they might not shatter but they make great BALLS to toss around the room!!!!!

Most all of the unexplainable "who-done-its" have been repaired, glued and sewn back together. Except for one Grinch Musical Sleigh - which states all over {the bottom} that it's "not a toy" - too bad my kids didn't see that. I'm sure they would have put it down {before dropping it} if they would have read that first. It is currently sitting beside me with all kinds of jimmied props supporting all the pieces that are waiting for the glue to see up. It looks flawless - except for one spot. I'm thinking if I can get it glued back, I'll worry with the clean-up next. One challenge at a time, people.


Leigh said...

You are braver than me girl! With my 3 little crazies including one Autistic/ADHD I have put only a 3 foot tree on the top of our TV armoire for the last 2 years.....this was of course after my oldest who at the time was 2 decided to jump onto the tree and wrestle it....a lot of ornaments died that year sadly! LOL!
Good Luck! It looks like a fabulously fun tree! Cant wait for the tour of homes!

Paige said...

Cute sneak-peek of the tree! Love the photos of the ornaments that you consider casualties. : )

Have a great week!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I love all of the color that you incorporate into your tree...AND the Mr. Potato Head rocks!!!

The Long Family said...

Dudley (the dog) has eaten a couple so far. Not totally but they have been found in his mouth. Lola (the cat) was caught trying to climb the tree.

My Beautiful Mess! said...

Lovin' the tree & Mr. Potato Head :)