Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks During my Love/Hate Relationship with the Garbage Disposal!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to my Dad's house on Thursday and then they came here on Friday! That means I cooked and thankfully no one died from it . . . . except for my garbage disposal. I don't know if you want to hear this story, but I'm telling it anyways!

There are several stories floating around this blog of mine about my garbage disposal. I hate the thing and I blame almost all of my problems on it. You see, I've never had one. I grew up outside the city limits and garbage disposals and septic tanks don't mix. My only dealings with one is at my Grandmamma Tate's house. And let me tell you - hers ate everything! And when I say everything, I mean everything! Seriously people, she would put the whole dang chicken in hers {bones and all} and chop it up and wash it down the drain. It must have been a real disposal - if you know what I mean!

Well, from the beginning - Lonnie has told me to not put anything in ours that I wouldn't eat myself {uh, yuck!} And yet, I still try cramming most everything down it. It is a freakin' garbage disposal people! It should dispose of garbage!! Now, I'm not trying to stick aluminum cans or anything like that - but green beans . . . . it should dispose {properly} of green beans! Well, mine doesn't! Up till Friday, there has only been 2 times in the past 2 years that I have clogged the disposal. Green beans one time and the second time was bar-b-que {the whole roast . . . I cooked it and it was awful - so the whole thing found it's way down our sink!} And both times the choppers {definitely NOT the technical term} just wouldn't chop. And both times it about killed me to admit that I jacked up the disposal . . . after I had been given strict directions on how to use it. Of course both those times were food that I would eat!!! Which led him to ask each time "why" I didn't eat it . . . but that is another story for another post!

So on Friday . . . . I made mashed potatoes . . . the real kind {I love instant, too!} I peeled the potatoes in the sink and slowly chopped the skins a few potatoes at a time {like I'm suppose to!} Well, after the last potato - the hammers were still hammering - but the water wasn't moving. ??? Some how - I've now clogged the sink! I tried every way in my power unsuccessfully to fix it before admitting what I just did to "you know who!"

Well, had to call him . . . "can you bring home some drain-O, please."


"We've encountered a small problem."

"I don't want to ask what - so just tell me."

"It involves the kitchen sink and food that I would eat." {because I would eat potato skins . . . on a cooked potato!}

"KIM - did YOU clog the disposal AGAIN!!! I'm going to remove it this time! You can go back to using the trash can!"

hehe - Uhmmmm . . . no he won't!

My Dad, on the other hand, was stoked and ready to figure out the problem as soon as he got there! He kept asking to fix it! With a bucket in hand, Lonnie got under the sink with my Dad {so wish I took a picture!} and started taking it all apart. Oh yeah - it was a definitely because of the potato skins!!! It was a hot, nasty mess!

So many great lines {wish I could have remembered them all!} But when the pipe came off, one of them said, "Wow, you're not going to believe what was in it, stopping it up?!" Of course I asked thinking it really was something unexpected. "Potato skins," the choir said!

But I learned my lesson!! And it now works! So, we are going to act like this never happened! But it was a great time!

My kids were exhausted after all the fun!





Can anyone guess what they are doing?!?

That's right people - we got a TV!!!!! We are back to living the life of luxury! To include garbage disposing in the sink and a TV that hangs on the wall! We are living like fancy folks!!! Funny is that we only have been without it since the first part of August this year. I'm not lying when I tell you it feels like it has been August of 2006 since we watched TV! Only 3 months?!? Seriously!? I could have went longer, except of course - LOST {February 2nd} and Big Love {January 10th} will be coming back on soon. Nothing like watching scifi-time traveling lost islanders and a polygamist family on TV!


Renée T. Bouchard said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE Lost! I can't wait for it to come back! Final season, right?

Holly said...

Ha! Kim that sounds like something that would happen here...except that we now have a septic tank instead of sewer and apparently garbage disposals dont work well with that would be one hot mess!

Nelson's Mama said...

I HATE my washing machine - it eats money like nobody's business. My husband refuses to buy a new one because I just HAD to have the one the insists on ingesting any and everything that comes his way.

I stopped my disposer up with plain spaghetti noodles one time. How does that happen?

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I had many horrible garbage disposal incidents including one that ended in me having to get an entirely new disposal, kitchen floor and dishwasher. Long story.

Now for the first time ever I have NO garbage disposal. I hate it. But I'm getting used to scooping up gross slops of food and tossing in the garbage instead. :-)

Enjoy that TV. We got all fancy too and have one of those rich people flat screens. :-) Now that they are the same price as a regular TV.