Sunday, June 22, 2008

3 year old + dry erase = "I hope you didn't have anything planned this week!?"

I have been really using this dry erase calendar-board-thingy. And it really has helped - meaning I can keep up with everything. {But only to keep up with what needs to be done, not necessarily doing it!} Well, my precious and darling son, Hudson, has figured out he has some "magic" in his wee little fingers. He "made the numbers go away!" as well as the words.Nice - I guess those goals for the month just got bumped to something more realistic - since I was behind on most of them!


Stephanie said...

Oh NO! I would die! I hope you had all your tasks and appointments backed up somewhere else like a calendar in your purse or your phone or something.

Oh man, what a bummer!

My Beautiful Mess..... said...

Guess that means you are all clear for the rest of the month!! He was only making room in your busy schedule for down time - what a great assistant!! Too funny :0)

Rach said...

Yeah definitely wouldn't last at my house either. Good news is at least when you write it back in its just what you remember and probably all you were gonna get done anyway. HA!