Monday, June 23, 2008

You know, sometimes I really shock myself!

Okay - no paintings today! Yesterday, I slaved over 2 tables {or I should say night stands} for the boys' room. My husband has turned up the heat and is making me help him get rid of stuff in the garage!! How dare he! Alot of the junk is unfinished furniture or stuff that needs to be repaired, reupholstered or just redone in general!

Sooo, here we go sorting out the mess. We had a huge pile that went to recycling - a pile ready for consigning - and a big fat pile for the trash. Now he can at least walk through the garage and I guess that was the main goal! But here are my cuteness of tables! I painted them this green color first - the same green I painted one of my groovy chairs! Then I sanded them - every inch of them. The reason = if you notice in the above picture it was more of a celery green. When I started sanding the edges, the yellow really came out - which is what I was going for!
Then I slapped on a coat of stain {golden oak} and then wiped it off and VIOLA!!! Yeah, I'm proud! Eventually, I will finish this room!
Now, picture 2 more beds like the one below - lined up on that wall - with these 2 tables in between - I have "carson" & "lawson" paintings above their beds, as well as different letters - red base lamps with "abc" lampshades {Pottery Barn Kids} sitting on those groovy green tables - with a massive stack of books piled high on each of those lower shelves {those come tumbling down pretty quickly!} Yeah - I'm one, cool mom!
So, that my friends, is why we have to clean out the garage - Lonnie made the {above} bed and needs the room to make the other 2! I must admit that he has got his talents - and building furniture is one! What a peach!


My Beautiful Mess..... said...

You SO rock!! If I clean out my garage will you come finish my projects?? I cannot wait to see the post of the boys room when you are finished. Lucky boys!!
PS Oh if it is not enough with your talent - Lonnie builds furniture too!! You guys are awesome!!

Hillcrest Acres said...

So when you're done with your boys rooms, can you come to my house and put the finishing touches on my boys rooms? (just kidding) You've have great talent. I love all the peices you do.

have a great day!!

Daelyn said...

I love the finished color of the tables. :-)

Deidre said...

Oh, I love the tables. Great idea. Your husband builds furniture and you paint so beautifully? Match made in heaven :)

Rach said...

Those look awesome!!

Stephanie said...

Amazing! That bed is awesome and the tables turned out great. I hope you'll show us the room once it's finished.