Friday, March 14, 2008

I got some things accomplished . . .

Alright - well, I got a few paintings completed. I've sent out tons of emails, because several are for gifts and I don't want to post a picture if the "receiver" looks at the blog - what a way to see your gift!! Talking about ruining it for some people!! So, hopefully I will have more pictures to post later today {once I hear from some "giving" people!}

So, check out the J - it is a 16x 20. LOVE the font!! It looks very similar to the "ginormous" paintings I did for the twins when they were tiny. I did one each for Carson and Lawson. And I really like the simplicity of them! This one is going to be framed - so there is no side view.

Here is the bedding that it is to match! You got to love Pottery Barn Kids!! Their stuff is soooo easy to match up. I love matching the colors - love it I tell ya'!! Normally, I feel very confident when I send out any painting that I know is to coordinate with any PBK bedding.

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