Saturday, March 15, 2008

How much sleep does one really need??

Such a serious question, but I really don't want an answer. So no one feel oblige to leave a comment about that! The crib is finally dry and ready for polyurethane. Of course with this Tennessee weather, {it's flippin' raining} who knows when it will happen. BUT I did get the mirror completed. I even Windexed it and got it hung up!! Yeah me!! {Let me add that it was in the middle of the night!} The pukey monster visited us the night before last and we were afraid he would visit another kidlet last night - so I didn't sleep well - actually, I just didn't go to bed till this morning if the truth be known. Nights like that help get things done around here!

So, what do you think of the mirror!? That poor thing has been painted about 8 times. Actually only 2 times, but it feels like 8 and the thing has been looking for a home somewhere on a wall in this house!

Truth be known, I spray painted the mirror. I actually found spray paint that was a DEAD ON match for the paint that I already had mixed for the chest!! NOW that, was AMAZING! So, my husband spray painted the crib as well!! I wasn't about to brush on the paint to every single one of the spindles!! And Lonnie is the king of spray paint!! He really is good at it and I firmly believe that it takes talent to spray paint - none that I have! Hopefully, I will post a picture of the bed within the next few days. So far - it really is coming together.

I'm still slaving away on paintings. Several people emailed me back and did not want me to post pictures of their "gift" paintings - so that is why I don't have any pictures to show. I'm about to get back to going again on some more canvases. So, tomorrow I should have some pictures to post!


Holly said...

That mirror looks FANTABULOUS Kim!

Rachel said...

Now see all of this getting done--don't you feel good about it?! The bed really kickstarted it---$50 or not it was needed!! =)

Anonymous said...

That mirror looks it. Can't wait to see the rest!!