Sunday, March 16, 2008

Apparently, I needed sleep . . .

Last night was my "crash" night. And I really crashed. I did wash my face and brushed my teeth - but I don't even remember getting in the bed! I do, however, remember a 2 1/2 year old {with all 4 of his blankets} crawling in bed with me at about 3:30 am. Of course that is what I get since I keep telling him to holler for me or come get me if he ever feels sick again. A few nights ago, he got sick, puked {in the bed} and just moved to the other end of the bed to sleep. {I know - gross - but that is the life I live!}

So, here I am {with swollen ankles} - yes, I spoke way to soon in a previous post about not being swelled!!! I'm tired, miserable and would do anything for a root beer float about right now! Part of my misery would stem from this . . .

"this" would be my stool!! Where I've sat on it for so long - my ankles really have swelled up - I never dreamed sitting on my stool would cause cankles - BUT it has!!! I've sat on this thing for 4 days working on all these paintings. I've sat so long that my bizness hurts!! Not that you want to hear about all that, but it was bound to come up with all the pregnancy pressure I've got going on down there - and no telling what else!!! I sat and I sat and I sat . . . . just like Horton who hatches the egg!! That is Hudson's "now" fav-O-rite book. So, it's really on the brain {sorry for the reference!}

But speaking of Hudson - I must show you his latest creation. As I was painting this morning, Hudson came in my room {to aggravate I can assure you!} He reached over my paint tray. Now, I did not notice the "massive" glop of white paint that he was sporting on his elbow!! Apparently, Carson didn't either, because most of it ended up in his hair. . . .

The better part would be when Hudson noticed what he did {about 4.3 seconds later} and said, "Oh - it's a mastapiece!" That is not a misspelled word - that is the way he said masterpiece and that was the FIRST time I've ever heard him say that! Now, it took me about 6.7 seconds to figure out what the heck he was talking about! I was in my paint daze and never dreamed of looking at Carson's head until Hudson proudly pointed at it! I would normally post this story at the family blog - but I want you guys to know what kind of crazies I'm up against around here!!

So, with my cankles, aching bizness and 3 crazed kidlets - I've questioned "How in the freakin' heck do I get anything done around here" - and I still don't have the answer! But I'm sure you guys don't care, let's get on to some good stuff -

I did finish a couple more paintings! Feedback, I need some feedback - I've never done any like these, so I'm excited to see what you folks are going to say!!!

I know this is not the best picture - but again, let me remind you who took the picture - ME - and remember I'm from the south - aim and shoot is what we do with a gun - not a camera!! But anyhoodle it is to match this bedding. Again, I've ran into another website that would not let me post the picture, so go visit the link! It is gorgeous!! This would be the bad part about my job, it makes me question "maybe I should have chosen different bedding for Emsley's room?!" There is some Fan-tab-u-lous stuff out there! I really made this canvas "shabby chic" - most of the canvas has a white-washed look to it - I love the "beachy kinda of look"! Jenn that one is for you - just in case you have not figured it out!!

On to the next - loved this one toooooo!!

I'm not actually through with this one, I still have to clean up some edges and seal it. But I just couldn't wait to post it!! You can't see, but there is fine glitter on the "pinky" rose looking flower! After staring at this for a few minutes, I'm afraid it might look like "mary engelbreit" - NOT MY INTENTION FOLKS!! Not that I don't like her stuff - I just can't stand to copy others' work!! I'll have to investigate that one!

Yes, I added some crystals too!! I had to fancy it up a little!! Jennifer L this one is for you - if you even look at the blog! Maybe you do - I guess we'll find out!

Molly - I'll email your picture to you!! I'm such a slacker - totally forgot about that yesterday!! Sorry! I've officially got only 4 more paintings to go!! Whoohoo!! Of course that is until someone else orders one - I'm not planning on taking a "maternity leave" - once I have this spring chicken, send me back to the fields - I've got to work!! hehe - so seriously, don't feel like you can't send anymore orders my way because I am planning on getting back to the grind after about 2 weeks of rest!!

Holy Smokes - I have only 7 days and about 15 hours till I have the kid!!! My husband just came home with a . . . . root beer float!!! Got to go and eat it/drink it/inhale it!!


Jenn said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I know she will **LOVE** it.

Rachel said...

Both are cute but I love love the Olivia Rose one and I don't think it looks like Mary Englebreit at all!! Love the flowers!!!

At least put you a cushion on that stool it looks like it would hurt me and I'm not prego!

Kristen said...

Those are great! I also love the Olivia Rose!

Natalie said...

I love them ~ so beautiful!!

Susan said...

You do such a great job both of them are great. I also loved the one you made me for Kara Brooke. I wish you could posted it, but Holli loves to look at your site too!! Maybe after her shower you can show everybody. Thanks Again!