Friday, February 22, 2008

Where the heck did the week go??

Yikes!! Seriously, where did it go?? Is it really Friday?? I find myself on a role with regular posts and then all of sudden, . . . nothing!? Not that I don't have a bunch to say - I can always find something to post about, it's just have been busy doing, well . . . nothing - haha!! REALLY, I've been doing nothing!!

I guess have been a very attentive momma this week. We only have 6 more days till Lonnie is home!! "Hallelujah" - let the choir sing! Can I just say - you single moms out there are amazing people, I totally look up to you and you deserve so much recognition for the outstanding and hard work that you do!! That is one thing I just couldn't be - single with all these kids!! I would be crazy - nevermind, I'm already crazy - I don't know what I'd be, I just know that their is NO way I could handle it!

I'm exactly in this pregnacy {34 weeks} where I was when my water broke with the twins!! That is a funny story!! On the phone, talking about the massive possibility of having a c-section and "pop" {4 seconds later} the warmest water flooding out!! And it was laundry day - I had NO CLEAN UNDERWEAR!!! That figures - I had to start laundry before I went to the hospital!! But about 2 and a half hours later, Carson and Lawson were here! So, needless to say - this has been in the back of my head allllll day. I never want to have kids in the NICU ever, ever again!! I've had a good day though, the whole sciatica thing is COMPLETELY gone and I walk normal {with NO waddle - I know, impressive,} but I'm still just alittle concerned about early labor.

I'm down to about 31 days till Emsley makes her big debut!! I really need to focus on her room. Soooo, many projects that I can post from that "big, hot mess" that will eventually be called "hers"!! Maybe, I will focus on that these upcoming days. Stay tuned!!


Rachel said...

Her room is already coming together! It looks so good in person. I LOVE the colors. The rest will follow. All the projects just need to be put in priority order sister!

Tell us about your ROCKIN rugs!

Cara said...

I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever; I am driving around with a gift and baby coupons for you; call me soon when you get a chance so I can bring that stuff over.