Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ok, not only am I old, I'm dumb as well??

Courtney {one of my newest friends} pointed out that it would be my 1st anniversary, not my second!! Especially since I turned 29 last year for the first time. Dang, I made myself older than what I really am with the last post!! Guys, I really did get an education, it was just years ago!! HA!! I obviously don't use it and you know what they say - "use it or lose it" - well, it's gone!!

I've been tired lately and figured out why . . . I didn't take any of the iron supplements all week!! But I wasn't suppose to. On for 3 weeks, off for 1. You know, like birth control pills - of course that's been years since I took those!! So, today was one of those days that I decided to get some stuff done. And I did!!!

So, check this out -

* 4 loads of laundry!! And I even folded them!!
* Emptied the dishwasher {not once, but twice!}
* Did online bill pay {meaning I also had to redo the budget!! teehee}
* Answered emails, as well as deleted a few
* Started over on a painting that I've been working on - the first one one just wasn't doing it for me!!
* Almost completed the painting I need for my little contest here on the blog!
* Finally, started sorting through this office/studio space!! Kinda made a bigger mess!
* Folded an additional 5 loads of laundry {that would be 5 different loads of towels!! I always let those build up!! I mean, I don't care if my towels have wrinkles!!}
* Cleaned 3 toilets! I know gross - but I can't get my kids to do it!!
* Changed 2 explosive diapers - 2 different kids at the same time!! One nasty, hot mess!!
* Added water, added some good bacteria and wiped down the inside walls of my fish tank . . . I'm alittle obsessed with that thing!
* And I read a total of 37 different books to my kids through out the day - that is a normal daily average. It's still mind blowing the stats on how many kids have never had a book read to them at the time they start kindergarten!! It is about the only time that all my kids will sit still and listen to me!! I'm desperate for more of that time!

I know I did more, but who cares - the list above looks like I accomplished alot!! During this, I also realized that I have {now this is no exaggeration!!} 39 projects started AND yet to complete!! For those who thought I had it together - Proof is in the pudding, baby!!! So, I went through and piled all these "projects" up and will tackle them one at a time - that truly is ridiculous!! No wonder Lonnie groans and rolls his eyes when I mention something new that I "need" to do! Can you believe that - 39!! At first the number started low, but it just kept climbing through out the day as I came upon more stuff. And do you know how many things that I have going through my head that I need to start!?!?

Maybe that iron supplement will kick in tomorrow!!


Courtney said...

Sorry Kim!!! I don't think you're dumb... just old. HAHAHA... just kidding. ;)

Totally feeling like a failure after looking at your list of 'dids'. You rock on, mama...

Kari & Kijsa said... is the SURPRISE BLOGGY BIRTHDAY PARTY for Kari's 40th birthday...hop on over for a little cake, diet coke, and birthday cheer!!!


Rachel said...

Ummm yeah I guess visitors would have definitely ruined that list. What are you trying to do make the rest of us look like big ole losers?!! Glad my hubby doesn't check this blog out regularly. =)