Wednesday, December 5, 2007

OPERATION PROJECT TWO (and a half): more ornaments!

Okay, so I actually made this ornament several years ago for Lonnie. He loves a Christmas tree and when the tree goes up - it symbolizes the beginning of the season! This one is a breeze to make . . .


Soldering Iron - you can get this from Hobby Lobby or any other craft place. It is normally in the stained glass section. It is a little costly {it's not going to break the bank - I think it was $5.99 for the spool the last time I bought some} - But you can make bunches & bunches of ornaments out of one spool. This wire is thick, but very pliable and EASY to work with!! You can also spray paint it if you want another color other than silver.

Bead wire & beads - color is your choice!!

Pair of wire cutters - to clip the wire of course!

Ribbon - to loop through the top for hanging purposes!

Optional -

wire pliers or a pencil {something to bend the wire around to get fluid {or consistent} shapes!

The how-to
Start bending the wire in a desired shape - ANY shape - a circle to look like an ornament looks cool. Once the shape is how you want it - clip off the end from the spool. Next, string beads on the bead wire {alot of beads} - once you get a kazillion on - start wrapping the beaded wire around the soldering iron. Spread the beads out as you go - It will be impossible to do it once the wire is tightly wrapped around the iron. When you are at the end, clip the bead wire. Loop your ribbon through the top AND there you have it!!


The Tattered Nest said...

just checked out flickr...loved all the pictures but especially the one microgirl32 did with the tiny silver balls inside her glass ornament. I am making these for my sisters, but I have to come up with an idea to use for the tiny balls that won't be quite so heavy...maybe those silver balls that you decorate cookies with!thanks for the inspiration! hugs, the tattered nest

Rachel said...

I remember these!!! I have a Kim Tate Wheeler original that hangs on my tree every year already. =)