Friday, December 14, 2007

I love this frame . . .

I absolutely LOVE this frame!! I don't usually frame the paintings that I create UNLESS the customer request it. That normally comes from someone who doesn't live near a Hobby Lobby or such place where they can get it framed themselves - such as in this case. I really like this frame - it looks so good with the taupe or gold background. And at a whopping $12.50 {when it is half off} - you can't beat that with a stick!!

By the way this is the majority of the paintings this holiday season . . . that is why you've not gotten as many sneak peeks as you would've liked because I'm afraid these would bore you!! Don't worry though, I've got 3 kid ones{full namers} that's ordered that I will definitely post upon completion.

So, let me tell you about this last ornament project!!! From the beginning - this IS {because I still plan on doing it} going to be an easy ornament, but I obviously am making it way harder than it should be ONLY because I'm cheap and was trying to use "materials" that were at my disposal. Are you following me?? Just in case you're not, let me go further . . . see we will be using transparency. Now this stuff is not a "budget buster" - but it ain't cheap either!! So, Lonnie said he had some at work and that he would just bring it home for me to use - he had "cases of it"!!! I thought "great - surely they won't miss a few sheets!" He brings home a massive box and I get right down to work. Well after I printed my "groovy something" {that I ain't gonna tell ya till you see it}, I noticed the ink was not drying quick enough for me. No prob, I'll just let it set over night - the joker will definitely dry by then!! Well, it didn't - nor did it by the next day!! Got to looking at the crap that Lonnie brought me - it is for a copier - not printer!! Thanks man, made me waste all that time!!!! Well, he was "trying" to be nice {I did say "trying" - key word} and volunteered to take it to work and do it on the copier!! The fool ended up taking the next 2 days off from work!! "Now how in the world are you going to make these retarded copies when your stinkin' butt ain't at work!!!" Uhmm uh - ain't got an answer do ya?!?!

Needless to say, the wanker went to work today and I've emailed the images to him - we will see if he can deliver tonight!! My cheap-o self might be making a special trip to Office Max and buying what I really need!! Sorry for the hold-up - watch them not even be worth the wait for you guys!!! I did do a practice one and it's all smeared due the ink NOT drying - but the overall effect is awesome {or so I think!!} But I guess I'll let you all be the judge of that!
Since we are getting so close to Christmas, I will probably do only one more project! I will {hopefully} get started on it this weekend. I hope everyone has a great Friday!!


Holly said...

LMBO! Kim you are too hard on that boy! J/K probably not hard enough on him. Take your time though cause seriously I will want to tackle the project when I should be cleaning my house.

Melissa Santanastasio said...

Ok I thought I was going to be able to catch up with you after your overwhelmed post. I guess your sugar is stabilized. I have to get moving I am on ornament number one. But at least I have completed it. There is something that I am working on and it going to be a funny surprise for you hehehe

Wendy said...

Girl you should just come over and get my copier... ;)