Thursday, November 29, 2007

OPERATION PROJECT TWO: ornaments {the first of many!!}

Quilling anyone???? Okay, not really, but something like it!! I actually lifted this idea from a picture that I saw last year online {just don't quite remember where} . . . Seriously, if I knew that I would be blogging about it a year later, I would have made a note as to where the idea came from!!


- scrapbook paper

- clear ornaments

- ribbon (somewhat on the thin side)

- scissors or paper cutter

optional supplies:

- quilling tool (BUT you can roll the paper with your own fingers - I did with some)

- rub-on letters (or designs) - thousands to choose from

- sticker letters

Some tips -

IF you are going to use the rub-on letters, you might want to get flatter ornaments. It was hard to work with the rounded ones. I'm not saying it is impossible, but when they have somewhat of a flatter surface it is easier!! These were great to use!! Hobby Lobby has some square ones too!! How cute would those be??

If you mess up with the rub-ons, they will easily scratch off.

I personally - liked using the stickers!! Easier, adjustable, overall - just looked better!! BUT to each his own!!



It is just as easy to roll the paper by hand as it is to use the quilling tool. I just happened to have one, so I tried it both ways and the results were practically the same. If you don't have one, please don't go out & buy one if you don't truly have a need for one.

To get started - you will need to cut your paper in strips. You can strip down the paper in many different widths - you just want to make sure it is still small enough so that you can put alot of paper in the ornament!! The more paper, the cooler it looks!! It is very easy to roll the paper. Just start with the end, roll it over and "BOOM" your rolling your own paper - {Okay - that sounds funny. I'd normally not leave a line like that in a post, but that will get some laughs out of some of you!! heehaw!!} Once the paper is in the tightest roll you can possible get, pop the top of the ornament {GENTLY} and drop the paper down in it!! Just keep doing it until it is full!! But the top back on and decorate the ring with some fancy little ribbons {ooh, or other little notions dangling from the ring - just thought of that - will do it on another post!!}

And tadah!!!! You got this. . .

Lovin' it!! What do you guys think - easy or hard???

Oh and don't forget to post pictures!!!

A friend did send me this. Please feel free to go here to see someone else's - too cute!!!


melissajackson said...

So cute!!!!! I may have to do this one! How do I get on the Flickr group?

McKenzie said...

I love these ornaments. I was in the process of making these for an ornament party. I love the ribbon idea. I was doing something different, but I am going to change it out for the ribbon. A pencil works great to roll the paper. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!

Cara said...

Hey, I had fun with Lawson yesterday...I hope everything went good with the doc appt...Going to buy more ornaments

Melissa Santanastasio said...

I know we are suppose to be getting into the holiday spirit but your talent and my lack of makes me want to burn my tree. i am totally going to attempt these ornaments i will send you picutures by lets say arbor day. i love watchin your creations it inspires me to sit at my computer and wait for more :) love ya

Holly said...

Rachel and I went and picked up our ornaments yesterday so I will try and get started today!

Vickie said...

What an awesome idea! My 13 year old daughter was going to have an ornament party and these would be perfect!! I am heading out to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to see if they have more of these ornaments. I know they did last week.

I love the paintings you do. How talented you are! We are redecorating our daughters room and I think after the holidays we need to contact you for a print in her 'new' room.
Have a great holiday!

Rachel said...

Ok Holly busted on me so yeah I have ornaments but haven't attempted yet! They're so cute!! I will post pictures when I'm done.

The Tattered Nest said...

I love these ornaments! I have to make them for my sisters this year! off to Hobby Lobby I go....