Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm here . . .

Okay - I'm back. I'm still alittle sad {or maybe alot sad . . } Thank you to everybody for all the comments!! I so appreciate all the care that everybody had for me and Frenchie! Tiddles is actually doing fine with the loss & more and likely - we will probably get her a buddy {uhhh . . . later!!} Everyone who knows me, knows I have to have multiples!! I really think we must wait awhile before the buddy thing happens. I mean come on - 4 kidlets - you all know that one of those rugrats will convince us that we need another animal of some sort!! As long as it's not a snake or something uncute or uncuddly!!!

But I'm here and ready to get back with the program!!! I will be posting - TODAY, I promise - our first of several ornaments!!

I've always had a great fascination with handmade ornaments. When I was about 6 years old, my Grandmama Tate {that would be my Dad's mother} made a TON of ornaments from the LEGGS pantyhose eggs - Does anyone remember when you bought them in an egg???? I barely, and if it wasn't for those ornaments, I can tell ya that I wouldn't!!! These eggs were the most beautiful creations that I ever saw!! I remember she would dump out thousands of sequins and methodically glue them on the eggs. Some would overlap, some would frame out another glued on treasure, they would zig-zag, fan, you name - she did it!! I don't have a clue if she got the idea from somewhere else, but who cares - those were the coolest dang eggs I've ever seen!!! I also remembered she sold them . . . something like 75 cents ea. - maybe a buck. And she couldn't keep up with the demand!! That year she let me pick 3 of them out, . . . {she was a big fan of odd numbers, said it has "more balance than evens"} . . . I so treasured those things. They hung on our Christmas tree till there was only 1 sequin left on each one!! I was in high school when I was forced to throw the last egg away. I mean, it did look kinda silly with a baby blue egg {with glue residue} hanging from the Christmas tree!! hahaha . . .but hey, that was some special eggs!

So, with the memory of Grandmama Tate, I make ornaments every year . . . I hope you like at least one of the ornament projects that you all have been so patiently waiting. . . .

. . . pictures will be expected in the flickr group!!

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The Tattered Nest said...

Your tutorials are great! keep them coming!