Friday, November 30, 2007

So, I've had several folks ask, . . .

"what kind of ornaments normally hang on your tree?"

For years, I've went the "wacky & tacky" look. I know that sounds strange, but I love kid like Christmases. You will completely understand when you see some of the ornaments that I'm about to show you . . . hehehe. I collect the Dept. 56 North Pole Village and I love the reds and odd shades of green!!! I'm actually in the process of matching my Christmas stuff up with my everyday home decor! Hopefully, I can get some pictures posted of all of it together!

Well, I hope you all are ready for these!!!

Everybody needs a Santa on acid, who likes to travel in his . . . .

eight-track, love-shack!!!

And please don't forget about

mr. potato head!!

I love zebras & giraffes!!

And how I love my 1985 twin Ronalds & the Hamburglar!!!
Yes, I got these from my Happy Meals when I was in the 1st grade!!

{Hey - it's Carson, Lawson & Hudson!!hahaha}

This is only a few!! Most of all my ornaments fall in this range!! But HOW can we forget to mention something like this!!??

This would be a towel that I LOVE and totally treasure!! Thanks Rachel W. for this awesome gift!! All this fish is missing is some 60's pink & rhinestone glasses!!

But now, lookie here - I do have some extremely classic pieces!! A STAR, a gold star with some groovy twisty sticks twisting everywhere!!
I must go for now - I've got 5 - NO 6 stockings to cut out and get started on . . . as well as, 4 paintings to complete!!

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