Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My turn to be the sickie {excuse for such randomness}

I hate a head cold! I normally get one once a year. And, well, . . . my number is up and it's my turn. It started to hit me on Saturday and I've just felt funky {or "fonkey" as Hudson would say} since. That was the same time it got Lawson as well. His poor nose is just straight gross!!!! Quite confident he needs an antibiotic, but I've got to get to the doctor's office.

And guess what - we are snowed in yet again! And I have NO groceries! AND I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do about lunch? Lonnie got out to go to work and said it isn't bad - BUT this homey doesn't drive with any white stuff on the ground! I've got 4 kids in tow - I don't take chances.

I have a sneaky peeky for you guys! It is cute!

Just wait to see the fabrics this is to match {the zebra is the glider/rocker in the nursery!}

Carson had a slight accident a couple of nights ago. The 3 boys were monkey-ing around when they were suppose to be sleeping. I could hear them but just tried to ignore it as I was waiting for Big Love to come on at the second time for the night {since I missed it the first time.} Normally they play {in the dark} for a few minutes, and then they go to sleep. I knew in a matter of minutes they would be snoozing. Well, then I hear Carson screaming at the top of his lungs - the type of scream that says "I'm really hurt, not crying wolf and I need immediate attention because I could possibly be in my final stages of death" scream. Honestly, even with that scream, I still meandered up the stairs thinking the tone in the scream would die off by the time I got to the room.

Well, it didn't. He told me that the book shelf hit him in the face. Basically he hit his head on the book rack that hangs above Lawson's trundle, beside Carson's bed. I felt his head in the dark and finally came upon the knot. When I pulled my had away to go turn on the lamp, I felt it . . . . the blood.

I remember thinking, "please let this be snot and not blood. Please." It was blood.

After Lonnie came home {minutes later,} we decided against the ER. He was in good spirits AND it had stopped bleeding. But what a black eye! And I'm sure this is going to scar.

{the morning after!}

I think all the kids are feeling "fonkey" because they are all laying here {quietly} watching Sesame Street?

Speaking of Sesame Street - as a kid, I thought Sesame Street was in Nashville! haha - Our city is next door. And alot of people live here in Murfreesboro and commute to Nashville for work. So, it made sense that Sesame Street would be in Nashville! {Apparently, my world was small!} That too, was before the super famous were on Sesame Street {such as Sarah Jessica Parker that is on now!?}

What did that have to do with anything - NOTHING! But I just thought of it and cracked myself up!

Since my kids are being so good, I might try to sneak in a few emails! I need to take advantage of this situation!



Holly said...

poor thing! Brian has ahd his share of black eyes. He recently bit a hole through his bottom lip....that was nice. Sorry you are not feeling well sweets!

Katie said...

Did you guys get snow? We moved here to Huntsville from Tullahoma last year, and all my TTown friends were excited because they got out of school today, and that NEVER happens.

I am a proud MTSU grad- lived in the Boro for 6 years, Go Big Blue! I still have not been able to find Thai as good as Far East by campus, I don't think I ever will! :)

Love your blog!

ashley said...

i have 5 children and have had my fair share of incidents. we found this product called liquid skin, that kinda glues the skin back together again. it stings like a mofo when you put it on, and there will be screaming, but it does the trick.
p.s. i just adore your art. very inspirational.

Rach said...

Thing I don't get is why you had to announce you are a sickie....I knew you were a sickie...announcing it to everyone well I don't think you had to do that...I mean they never would have known....you put on a good front....WHAT?!!........oooooh not that kind of sickie???? oh well then feel better. :)

Paige said...

Oh poor thing! I love the sneaky peek. Hope you get to feeling better!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I am diggin' the green zebra-print. Love it!


Meagan said...

Girl! I didn't know Sarah Jessica Parker was on Sesame Street! (How 'bout I just picked the most random part of your whole post to react to first, lol... not so random now, huh?) That blows me away!!!

Don't worry about the scar Carson is sure to have... boys are supposed to have scars, lol! ;-) (Don't call DCS, I don't have kids yet, so I can still say that without gettin' myself in trouble)

And if you can't tell by the rambling of my reply, I am "fonkey" too - sick as a dog actually - and probably a little loopy on all the cold meds! lol. Hope you feel better soon!

Jill said...

my daughter asked where Sesame Street was so we could go there. she was always asking to go! cracked me up because i don't think that even as a little girl i ever thought it was a real place. :)

and i think i would prefer snot over blood too. ha!