Monday, January 4, 2010

Look what I got . . .

. . . for the new studio!

The color scheme will remain, but I do plan on brighten it up a smidge.

Em's chandelier is still hanging in her former room. And I love the look it gives! But baby girl has to have it back. Luckily, a friend just bought an older home with this beauty hanging in the breakfast nook. She hated it. I loved it. Wasn't hard to talk her out of it.

Thank you Ashley!!!!

Nothing like authentic tole!..

And for those wondering . . . YES, I finished the table!!! And! I love it - and oh, I'm so dead when my Nannie sees it! You guys think I'm joking? I'm not!

Sorry to disappoint - it's not white, but a robin's egg blue.

Give me a few days and I'll show you guys the "how to" on the table. {I must first finalize my will!}

I also did something that I've never done before! Made flower arrangements.

Uhmm, but I thought I had some shots of the full thing{s} . . . {I filled 2 gargantuous sconces up!}

Apparently, I didn't!?

I'll show you those as well in a "coming soon to you" post?!

And believe it or not - they are on the same wall as the robin's egg blue table! I'm sure you want to see how I pulled this off!

{And obviously, my studio is a much funkier space than the rest of my home!}

Well, that should keep you all hanging! Isn't that mean?!? Sorry, my kids have been pretty good today . . . I had to be mean to somebody!


Micah said...

LOVE the table... I'm so sorry you won't be with us much longer to enjoy it. While your finalizing that will this week... can ya leave that table to ME? hehe
I know I know.. you don't know me from a post but I enjoy your blog and love you sense of style.

shabby girl said...

Ha ha ha!!! The kids get a break today!
I cannot wait to see the arrangement in the sconces! How very ( in our house, we say...) cleever of you!
Come on, don't keep us waiting!

Holly said...

ok so I love the robins egg blue on the table!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

cant wait to see more....please~

Ken said...

where did you get those darn flowers??? So cute. We have a similar color palette, so do share