Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm back and we need to talk . . .

I've been without internet for about 32 hours and I've been going nuts! But not only do I now have internet, but I'm sitting in my living room {watching green stripes dry} watching the news while checking email on my new computer! My new MAC!!!!!! That I have NO IDEA how to use! I keep screaming at my husband to come downstairs and tell me what to do next. Sad, I know.

We have spent the past 2 days moving Emme's room into my office/studio and my office/studio into her room. Basically, she needed more space since she will be moving into a big girl bed soon and I really didn't need as much space as I had. So, we did the room switch. And soooo glad I did. I can't wait to show you pictures! Which obviously, you will not be seeing any pics in this post - I'm trying to figure out the "delete" key!! Haven't even thought of the picture thing yet! {sorry!}

Okay, so I said we needed to talk - Here is the deal, I think I might have confused some folks with my facts post. So, let me start over.

I'm currently not accepting orders. None. For nobody. If one of my kids asked me to paint something, I will not do it. ONLY because I'm that behind on my current orders. I spent the past 2 hours working on the ugly part of the business - paper work. I have 97 orders. Ninety-seven! I need to send out a butt-load of emails to see who still want their orders. Saying that, I might actually have only about 2 orders?? I don' t know.

Truthfully - I thought I would have knocked out a ton of those before Christmas {didn't happen.} Am I sick about it - MOST DEFINITELY! Might explain the fever blisters I keep getting! I really wanted a clear slate for the first of the year. Ugh.

And to keep the truth flowing, I should have slapped the "indefinite" title on my acceptance of orders {rather than January} when I stopped taking orders in the fall. But I really thought that 4 months was all I needed to get me caught up!

So, 97 orders later . . . . I will not be accepting orders till further notice.

Good news - I'm hiring a babysitter for some temporary relief. If I can just get some help 1 day a week I'm thinking I can catch up!

If you have talked to me - email, phone or face-to-face about an order . . . you're in line. If you have sent me an order form {whether I've responded yet or not} . . . you're in line.

I hope this all makes sense?!

I'm trying hard to line things up for major changes around here. But catching up is going to be the biggest thing. As well as the hardest.

Again, if you have any questions, please email me . . .


A Southern Accent said...

Good luck to you! Maybe you could hire some sort of intern that could help with paperwork on the cheap?

Allison said...

Best wishes Kim, for a sane New Year! See how many people want a piece of your creativity! Even though you are a bit behind, you should take great pride in knowing how many folks you have reached. :-)

Jennifer said...

Hey there hun...

I think getting a "sitter" for your sanity is the best thing you can do.

You also need to give yourself a break. You are doing this ALL by hand. If anyone were to purchase from you they should also understand that. You make custom orders.

I am sure that I am just like everyone else waiting to order and can't wait. I can say for myself I want you to be healthy and keep your sanity as well. I am sure others would agree.

You are a LUCKY girl on the MAC. Let me know how it works out. I am still on the fence about the idea.

jpdmom said...

Kim, Kim, Kim - now listen very carefully....go hire someone to help you out and to help you paint! One woman alone can not paint 97 paintings.....everyone will thank you later. Spend your time designing and creating instead of just painting the same thing over and over. I don't want to tell you how many orders we are able to ship a week and I am able to create new products. Call me if you want to vent....or need some help. ;)