Thursday, January 28, 2010

Me and my best friend . . .

I've got this friend. I've known her since I was 18. Literally. Met her on my 18th birthday. She is actually very old-fashion-like. I had actually befriended her sister several years before and really liked her. So, I was stoked when I actually met the sister. We hit it off immediately! And to be honest, we were inseparable for years.

We really made a perfect team! I knew what buttons to push and she mine. When people found out that we knew each other, request started to come in. It was crazy. And the two of us worked our ba-jeebies off.

But, there came a day that I sorta started pushing her away. Horrible, I know! But I was at the point in my life where I couldn't really fit her in. I was pregnant with the twins and had decided that I was going to focus on my paintings. I really wanted to work on this newly acquired skill and it just left little time for the friendship I so loved for so many years.

Frankly, I've not really thought much about her. I knew she was safe and that's all that matter. I knew if I needed her, she would be there. That is just the facts.

Years have passed. Approximately 4.

Then it happened. You know what I'm talking about. When a situation occurs and you're like, "Crap! I so could have done this if me and my homey were still tight!"

So, I did the right thing. I went looking for her and I knew exactly where she was. She was in hiding. Afraid of being sold. Which, let me say, would have NEVER happened.

I opened the door that leads to another door. I pulled the monster of a case out that she was stored in. Opened the lid. And there she was. She looked exactly the same. The same girl I remembered.

Miss Sue "Singer."

Man, how I've missed her! And we were back - the team! The team that could do anything with the right measurements!

I instantly changed the needle. Plugged her up. flipped the switch. Threaded the bobbin. And put the pedal to the metal. And wow - the smell I remembered. The excitement started to flow!

All 4 of my kids watched with wonder and Hudson had to ask, "What the heck is that?"

I said, "Sue." {Because everyone names their sewing machines!?}

I immediately ran my fabric through.

And - "oh, yeah . . . we still got it! Straightest seem EVAH!" Best thing to compare that to is doing the splits at my age without stretching and it's been about 12 years since the last time I did them! Yeah, that good!

But then {'cause you knew their had to be a "but" in this story somewhere,} I realized almost immediately after the "we still got it" thought - that the tension was off. Way off.

I flipped the fabric over {knowing exactly what I was about to see.}

And it was definitely another one of those "crap!" moments.

Yeah, 4 years and no use . . . . Sue needed to be serviced! The instant high went flat. Only because I couldn't blow threw these 7 incredibly easy seems and show you guys our {mine and Sue's} incredible masterpiece!

I really just needed a quick change in my creativity outlet. I'm talking about 1 hour and this window treatment would have been up! Then back to painting.

I loaded her up and dropped her off this morning. Hopefully we can hook back up in the next day or two and work this out!

And by the way - these are for Em's room! And the pink furniture is now off. I know you guys are wondering. I'm just going to make you wait for the reveal!

I've had some questions about Craigs List. I will try to do a post about that soon. I do normally get great items at some really great prices! Such as this new guy below!

This is a coffee table - Broyhill Fontana Collection! Everybody has to remember this set! Anyhoodle, we really wanted a table for the kids to play on {not literally, but as I type this - someone is dancing on it!} I wanted a big drawer for the toys. NOT that toys are suppose to be down here. But at night, when I pick up to do my daily vacuum - I want a place I can throw all the kids stuff that they didn't manage to take back up the stairs before bed time.

I have big plans for him. I've already bought the paint. Sooooo, maybe you will see this transformation soon. It probably won't be until the spring, but I'm sure I'll post it!


Rach said...

The problem was {as I read the last post at the same time} You've been cheating on Sue with Craig and he sure must have that somethin' somethin' cuz you can't stay away from him!!! haha....good luck Sue.

FrouFrouBritches said...

You have GOT to be kidding me. I just did a post today about how you and others find awesome deals on Craigslist and I find squat. I'm so jealous! LOVE the table. I can't wait to see what ya do with it? Did you paint your table green yet?

Shady Lady! said...

Love my coffee table with drawers!! It is the easiest catch-all for those books, McD's toys, small toys etc. Every month or few weeks, I go through and just throw stuff out when the kids aren't paying attention. And they never miss it. Better than all those McD's toys making it up to their rooms to never be seen again.

We don't eat at McD's that much, honestly.

Love my sewing machine friend too!

Paige said...

Can't wait for that Craigslist post! Have a great weekend!

Nelson's Mama said...

I was gonna be pissed if Sue forgave you that easy!

Robin said...

I can't wait to see what you are able to do with the Fontana! We have a garage full of the stuff just waiting to be painted....for real! The first attempt at black (as a matter of fact, I used YOUR pictures to show hubby) was not so good.....hubby's fault for not listening to me on HOW to do!

shabby girl said...

Yep, you had me going! Poor Sue, needs a little work. Don't we all?
I LOVE the coffee table with drawers!!!

Krista Lee said...

You crack me up.... From some stories you have recently told me, I think I know why you are taking up sewing again.. Lol!