Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sources . . .

**Edited to add the sprays!

I'm having some folks ask me where I got some of my Christmas things . . . soooo, I thought I would share!

The pink, turquoise, green and red Christmas trees that belong to my kidlets ALL came from Hobby Lobby. The pink one was from last year. And the other 3 are from this year. They had a pink one this year - BUT it looks like the other 3. My pink one is taller AND better made than the boys' trees {and I'm quite certain it was the same price!!!}

The string of beads on the pink tree came from Hobby Lobby. I noticed the last time I was there that they had a ton of colors to choose from. They have an interesting quality - I'm going back and buying more . . . the pink and pearl colors. I have absolutely NO IDEA what I'll use them for, but they are definitely worth getting for Em's room in the future!

The stockings came from Target - unfortunately they do NOT have anymore at our store and online! I only know this because I was really going to get a couple more and had bookmarked the page. Welp, homey here waited too long and the jokers were gone when I went back to get them!!! So, the 2 reds and the 2 greens will just have to do!! For those who inquired, hopefully they have some at your store! I've bought some great ones at {but where else} Hobby Lobby over the past several years. This is the first time that I've ever bought some that actually look alike. Normally they only match in color - and of course fit the "wacky and tacky" theme I try hard to keep!!

The sprays on my Christmas tree ROCK!! I'm talking about the wirey like pieces that have the flat discs attached to them. I found those THIS year at TARGET! {I see a trend in my shopping!} Apparently, if you can't find it at Target or Hobby Lobby, I won't have it?! hah! Seriously, I got them in the section where they sold all the fantastic decorations that would look awesome on a white tree! Our Target still had them - a ton of them! Selling them at $3.99 each!

I hope that helps!


Tessa said...

I was also wondering where you got the circles garland (?) on your tree. It may be just sprays of circles? It looks awesome! We have similar styles! Thanks!

atayala said...

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