Thursday, December 17, 2009

A New Wheeler in Town . . .

I can't believe I'm even typing this . . . really, I can't.

This is when I feel like we should be labeled as "Suckers" while my husband swears it should be considered "Good Will."

Do you remember forever ago when I made some funny comment about thinking of getting my dog a dog?? Some of you won't because you are new to me and my blog, but I know some of you will. Especially several who know me in real life.

And for those who know me in real life, these is going to come as a shock because I was embarrassed to tell anyone this . . . .

but we got a new dog.

Meet Dusty. Who really sat and cocked his head into this pose when I pulled out the camera!

Lonnie just got home from Kentucky where Dusty was currently living.

His real name is Paytons Bragger. But he is called Dusty for short.

Do I like the name Dusty? No. But we'll worry with that later.

Let me explain. This little guy needed a home. That is why I say we are suckers and my husband says it is good will. As most of my real life friends know, every dog {except for our sheltie, Tiddles} have all been strays. I swear, it is as if we have a neon sign hanging above our house. All strays show up on our door step! Now, since we moved into this neighborhood, we haven't quite had the problem. {This area is a "step up" if you know what I mean.} Now, I say quite, because a shih tzu did stay here over night one time, but we found the owners the next day.

This dog, "Dusty," was born out of a line of champions in hopes of being a champion. Well, as of his first birthday {November 29th,} he is well over the champion height. The breeder knew that we had shelties in the past and asked if that was still our breed of choice {which, YES, it is!} She said she wasn't in the "business of raising" dogs - she was in the business of "champions." She really just wanted to find him a good home . . . . for FREE!!!

Since she was positive this was going to be her next champion, he has been training this whole year for it. And let me tell you - this joker is well behaved!!! Tiddles is a good dog - but this one is way better in the behavior department {just not quite as cute as Tiddles if you want to know the truth - haha!}


He does have a little issue with his eye - an infection that has cleared up, but has caused a little haze. We have been told that it too will clear up over time. But if it doesn't - really who cares! He can see out of it and we are not into glam shots around here {unless your name was Frenchie . . . .}


Okay - so I had a really sick obsession with this dog. She was before kids and we all know how we treat our dogs before the babies start coming along. {And for the record, I miss this dog so much. I swear if I believed in reincarnation, she was once the nicest little old lady that everyone would have wanted for a grandma!} For those who know her, tell me that isn't so!!! I should probably start a facebook page for her or something {just kidding!!!!!}


So, Tiddles has a new brother - currently named "Dusty" {have I said that I don't like that name??} Suggestions would be fantastic! Do leave me some in the comments!

Too bad Tiddles hasn't met him yet! Lonnie has went to pick her up from getting her do done. She will be elated, I'm sure! That is one dog loving dog!! I'll let you know how their first meeting turns out!

Which will be in a few short minutes!


The Long Family said...

My grandparents had a sheltie, Precious, she was a great dog!!! Tiddles is so cute and "dusty" is too! Our new pup is Dudley. I wanted to name him Huey or Hank or Derby.

Natalie said...

I'm SO excited for Tiddles!!! I love love love your new little boo!!

And yes, Frenchie was totally a little old lady in dog clothing!! :)

Tammie said...

I don't know you, but read your blog faithfully and love your paintings. I have a baby boy due any day and have no idea what we will name it, but I think Foxy or Sunny would fit your absolutely adorable new family member. Happy Holiday.

shabby girl said...

He is very cute!!! And don't worry about the name. He'll probably have 5 of them by next week. You know how little nicknames start creeping in to your conversations with them? Like our dog Wilson; Willy; WeeWee; and when he chews a hole in the carpet, A**h***. Those are the ones that I want to hear about! LOL!
My family had a sheltie when I was little, named Minnie Mouse. Minnie for short.

Lauren said...

Adorable! My childhood dog was a sheltie and I loved him so much! You all are such a sweet family! I bet Dusty knows that too!

P.S. We got our dog...a retired racing Greyhound...and decided NOT to change her name b/c she had been thru sooo much change (and heartache) already. Her name is Sacco (rhymes with 'taco'). Nope, not my choice of names, but she loves it! :)
Good luck w/ the dog meeting!

Wendy said...

You should name him "Piddles". Tiddles & Piddles - what a pair!

T Lee said...


or Champ , in honor of the champion he was supposed to be

or Oliver, like the orphan

or G.Ralph since he was too tall

Ok, OK, OK...I'm done. Dusty ain't the worst name in the world ;)

HouseMama said...

What a handsome new addition to your family.

Jennifer said...

He is beautiful!!! Congrats!!!

Allison said...

He is stunning! Okay, here are my pics: