Monday, July 20, 2009

My home . . .

When we first started the building process on our house, I was really excited. I think just the idea of being able to start fresh in a new house was the real thrill. The whole idea of everything being new - what a dream! We had spent the past 6 years completely renovating our "mature" tiny house. I house that started out 925 square feet - that grew an additional 400 square feet when we were expecting the twins. To be quite honest, the house was sooo freakin' ugly when I bought it that I still don't know what the heck I was thinking!! Bars were on the front windows, which were hidden by the massive plastic awnings that covered every window on the house but one {because it was covered by the patio roof.} Pink carpet throughout the house to match the kitchen's pink and gray linoleum that in no way coordinated with the avocado green and harvest gold foliage print counter tops {I'm serious - I can't make that mess up!} The knotty pine kitchen cabinets that shared the same look as the knotty pine kitchen walls that also matched the knotty pine bar in the middle of the living room that I think was intended to section off the living area with the eating area{?} The bathroom had some type of pressed wood that covered up plastic tiles that went half way up the walls that was also present in the shower. Talking about a mess - try showering in a tub with particle board walls?! Interesting to say the least. And my biggest concern when I moved in was a concrete driveway! haha!!

But hey, what else can a single, college student afford?? I actually have before pictures that I so need to post - let me find those. Trust me, your toes will curl! Just know that we slaved on that house. We had so much sweat equity in it that it was ridiculous. I loved my home so much . . . BUT a cat, marriage, 2 dogs, 5 fish, 3 kids and 1 on the way . . . . it was so time to move.

{after photo}

And yes, I did get my concrete drive - haha - Like that tiny circle drive? It matched my tiny house!!

We did a pre-sale in our current neighborhood. We got a great lot, liked our floor plan and was ready! But I'm going to add here that once we moved in, I hated this house. Really I did!

{the day we closed on our new house}

The first reason is I hate change - and this place was a big change! I think with the combination of being in town to now being out of town. My furniture didn't fit or look right in this house - since every single piece was bought for my last house. AND my husband "thought" there was absolutely nothing left to do! After all, this house was new and complete! {Silly man - I would have thought he's been married to me long enough to know there is always things to be done!!} A culmination of so much caused quite a bit of tension every time I thought about my "new" home.

There were some things we learned that we really didn't like about this house and that we would never do again . . . . such as a SLAB HOME!! That was the stupidest thing we have ever done! And every day my feet will tell you how stupid it really was. Live and learn.

But there are things here, especially lately, that I'm really liking/loving about this place. After {almost} 2 years, I have a plan! Furniture is finally coming together. I'm getting closer to paint colors {mostly for the ceilings.} Final decisions have been made on window treatments. And the moulding - finally some moulding!!! And I'm not talking about crown - we got that, I'm talking about more! And of course an addition {on a crawl space, let me add!} This is a couple of years down the road, but another 400 square feet will keep us in here longer! I can finally see what this house is "suppose" to look like and I'm excited!

But you will never know my excitement when I received a little something-something in the mail a few days ago! Let me say - PVE, you ROCK!!

I'm in love with this watercolor of my home!! It made me love my house so much more - slab and all! I see myself in that house for a long time, with the porch swing and the window boxes! And we actually have a tree planted in the front almost in the exact spot she planted the one in watercolor!

Tell me, would these not make awesome Christmas gifts?? Not of my house - You know what I mean! I'm just throwing that out there, because Christmas is around the corner!!

I already have her framed! And hanging! I wasted no time! Seriously, you guys need to go to her site and blog. She has so many wonderful pieces! OR she makes custom! AND she blogs daily so you will continually see new things!!

Okay, go check her out - I promise you will be soooo glad you did!

Patricia - thank you! You will never know how much this made my day!!


Deb said...

Both houses are so nice! But I know what you mean about a knees ache if I stand too long in our family room. I can stand at the kitchen sink on the upper floor of our bi-level home all day.

We loved our house when we bought it but have lived in it for 12 years & have finally "finished" all of the rooms with the exception of the bathroom (we only have 1 full bath). I still don't have window treatments in the formal living room, dining room or kitchen. We don't need them but it would be nice.

The painting is so pretty!

Sandy Toes said...

Very nice...I love flower boxes!
sandy toe

Rach said...

What an awesome picture!! She did a great job and it looks SO you!

shabby girl said...

All about possibilities, right? They're endless...
Beautiful watercolor!

Danine said...

Great watercolor! Know what you mean about houses. We moved into ours almost 10 years ago and I am counting down the days till I can sell it (3 years..YIPPEE!).

Glad things are finally coming together for you and your family!

pve design said...

I know you make you house a home with love, paint and a great sense of fun!
Enjoy the abundance of your home and all that enjoy it!

Heather said...

Hey Kim, I was checking out your website and I was wondering if under the classic section where you have the single letters in the frame, if it comes with the frame? If not, when placing an order can you share where you got the frame? I would have just e-mailed , but I didn't see an address, perhaps I was looking in the wrong spot? Anyhow, I love your work and any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Heather said...

And I just now saw at the top of your blog where it says contact. I feel like a goob!