Friday, July 24, 2009

Hey, Homey where you at??

haha - okay you will only know what that means if we are friends on Facebook! You know all the cheezy, McCheeze-Cheeze quizzes you can take?? Well, I took the one that would tell you how long you would make it in the ghetto - it said I lived there!! hahaha - RIOT! And I will blog eventually about my neighborhood and you too might agree!

Okay - I'm actually going to start off this post with Kelly's "Show Us Your Life - Wedding Dresses." I've posted these pictures before on my anniversary, but I thought I would show them again and maybe tell you the background story!

Here we are - November 23, 2002. The weather was perfect - high 60's and perfect blue sky! I really could not have asked for a better day!

My dress - what a tale! I, like Kelly, got my dress at Low's in Arkansas. What an interesting place! One of my best friends {Rachel} and her Mom {Brenda} took me! Rachel had gotten her dress there the year before, so we knew the drill and how this joint worked! If I remember right - you had 1 hour and 30 minutes to find the "dress of your dreams" - I'm not lying! BUT the "dress of your dreams" will be at a great price!!! Thank the good Lord I'm not modest, because when you found a dress you stripped down and tried it on - right there. It didn't matter who was in the room. I remember that we kept joking around we hoped everyone wore underwear! I also remember I was incredibly distracted with the architectural elements of this place. I was {and still am} obsessed with old architecture! The girl that helped me was a total idiot {which is sooo mean - forgive me Lord for saying that} - I don't even necessarily remember the details why she was an idiot - I just remember that she was! She kept bringing me dresses that looked HORRIFIC on me! I'm so short wasted and I remember that we {me, Rachel and Brenda} kept telling her what style is best and she kept bringing the "just all wrong" ones! But idiot girl kept saying "try this one on" . . . "you think you know what looks good on you . . . . wedding dresses are completely different than any dress you will ever try on" . . . blah, blah. I remember thinking {or I might have said it or something like it} "honey, this is my body, I know EXACTLY what looks good and what looks bad on it. I also have taste and a very specific style that we apparently don't share." Finally Brenda brought me the dress, my dress. She said "Kimmie, this is it. You don't have to waste your time trying it on," as she handed it to me. I knew I wanted strapless - fitted under the bust, but not necessarily empire waste, a color other than white and not a satin material.

My dress was a perfect Christmas/pearlish white, solid organza with minimal beading, strapless and the exact cut/fit I needed! Brenda was right {I miss that woman - Cancer sucks.}

I remember I had to have the length altered - of course - I'm 5 foot, that is always an issue! Every time I tried on my dress, I was on a hardwood floor. The day of the wedding we go to take pictures in the sanctuary {before the wedding} and my dress was about 2 inches too long! It was carpeted and and my dress kept getting hung up!! Thank God for Brenda - she brought me Rachel's crinoline from her dress the year before! It raised my length up perfectly!

I wish I was that skinny again!

My absolute favorite picture from my entire wedding! Lonnie was bustling up my dress while everyone was getting outside of the church with birdseed in hand - we did this as we left for the reception which was at a different location.

Next week - if I can, I will show you my wedding party and flowers!

On tooooo art!

The color is off in the pictures of the "dylan" painting! Remember - I'm trying to learn how to use this mam-ma jamma camera! I have a big daddy flash - I'm going to have to start using it! The sides are actually a dark taupe with chocolate brown dots.

The front is a navy blue with a light taupe background. The red actually has a slight rust tint to it and not the fire engine red I'm known for using!

Here is the bedding the "dylan" matches. Unfortunately, I've taken forever to blog about this painting and it has been shipped AND received already!!!

Just as this one has . . . .

This was for someone local. AND I got to see the room! Purple tone on tone stripes on the WALLS! It was gorgeous! The room so cutesy and all little girl!

Here are the fabric swatches! LOVE the fabric and all the colors in the room with the striped walls!

Admittedly, this canvas was made to hold hair bows. I actually attached coordinating ribbons from the bottom. Since I don't "really" make bow holders, I didn't take a picture of the finished piece! Sorry - but know it was cute!

I actually have several more I could show you, but I'll wait till tomorrow! Besides I don't have any pictures and I don't think I can get any good ones at 3 am! tee hee!

This post doesn't have very good transition sentences - but I'm falling asleep as I type this! If you notice misspellings, I'll try to fix those in the morning!!

If you have emailed me in the past few days and I've not responded - I will! It will probably be later today! I had an exhausting day at the ER with Em {nursemaid's elbow?} that I will try to blog about tomorrow and I just couldn't get around to all my emails today! I'm soooo sorry!

Good night!


Anonymous said...

Over from the Wedding Dress blog hop! I enjoyed reading about your hunt for the perfect dress...I should be getting married in a year or so if all goes as planned & being that I live in AR I think I need to go find out about Low' seems like that's where everyone goes ha!

Lauren said...

Your dress hunt sounds like a riot! Looks like you found the "perfect" one! :)

Love the new art pieces! So beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Found you from Kelly's blog. Love your dress and the outside pics with the leaves!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

beautiful wedding photos

Blessings & Aloha!

megan said...

beautiful wedding pictures, kim! how is em?? poor baby, i know that had to have hurt!!

Ashley said...

What a beautiful fall wedding. So gorgeous!

Brandie said...

Beautiful wedding! I also love that Bailee bubbly!

Helen Joy said...

What a beautiful dress! Loved the story. Silly wedding shoppe girls:-)

Southern said...

Beautiful pics! Love the dress and your hair! I also love that pic of Lonnie bustling your dress. Very artsy! Also, I think we all wish we were as skinny now as we were on our wedding day...

Jennifer said...

Love the wedding pics! LOVE "Bailee"! Different font...I like! :)

Kelly said...

Love that you got your dress at Low's too!!!!
You looked so pretty!

Tutta la Storia said...

love this look back Kim. Gorgeous! (the dress too.) :-)

shabby girl said...

Isn't it a blessing to have that one friend that absolutely knows you?
Beautiful photos girl.

Italo said...

KIM, GOOD LUCK, you two are wonderful :) Ciao, Italo.

Kelley said...

Your dress was beautiful!

Danielle Banks said...

Your dress was beautiful! I love the picture taken outside with all the fall leaves on the ground. I'm such a sucker for Fall!!!