Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I feel much better . . . .

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. The blog world amazes me. So many that I've never seen in person but are so sweet and kind. I can't thank you enough. I know so many of you want to know the specifics of each child and what exactly is going on with each. I will address that in the next post. With 3 boys, so close in age, all names ending in "-son", it is hard to keep up with each I'm sure. So, I will give you the skinny tomorrow.

Totally off subject, this is my 400th post?! That is crazy!

But I did want to post some pictures of art!! Yes, through it all I was still painting. hehe - those are my creative times. I can really go and fast. My mind races to find the perfect color for the perfect design. Being the mentalist with the emails I receive and figuring out exactly what you want. Tomorrow is my shipping day - one of my big changes I have made . . . . I am only shipping 1 day during the week. I'm going to try to stick to that. I'm sure there are going to be times that I'll have to make an exception. But Wednesdays are the days! Most people I seem to ship are only 2 days away. So Friday will be the big delivery day!

And because tomorrow is Wed/ship day, I wanted to post this next one.

The sides are a light ecru color while the bordered edge is a taupe. The blues are also 2 different colors as well. Lucky for me, one of greatest friends ever, has moved to the 'boro. And incredibly close to me! She has absolutely no clue, but she will be coming over to show me how to use my camera! Maybe then I'll get better/brighter pictures!

THIS is great boy bedding! Basic, but not plain! Simple with such clean lines. And most importantly - an EASY color match! The funnybones design is prefect for bedding such as this! A great twist.

So, many names I've painted lately have been brown?! And don't worry the next painting {below} has a brown name as well! I mean, I didn't want to disappoint all my chocolate loving friends out there!

Nobody stop me, I'm on a roll!

And for all those wondering, we did get bad news today from the nephrologist about Hudson's case. It's back. It has to do with the viral infection that is floating around the house. Since Hudson's immune system seems to be compromised, these infections - whether it be a cold or a 24 hour pukey bug - it pushes him back into the minimal change disease. Lovely. I hate steroids. With a passion. My kid is crazy on them. Unrecognizable. He can't sleep. And he can't eat enough. Too bad he has a food aversion! There is not enough white cheddar cheez-its or rainbow goldfish in our house to sustain him. By the time we get towards the end of this cycle, he will have been on them for 1 year. Ridiculous.

I'm going to wait for a few days before I begin the next treatment. Not only was this what I wanted to do, but the doctor completely agreed. We are going to see if Hudson can pull out of it on his own. In a completely selfish manner, I pray this be Your will.


pve design said...

Kim - you are in my thoughts! So glad that you liked the sketch, sending it off to you today in hopes that it will give you strength and stamina to deal with all that life hands -- Remember, God gives to those that can handle!

Amy said...

Oh dear.. you have so much on your plate. I'm guessing the painting is your creative outlet, and you do a wonderful job. Prayers for the whole family in coping with these latest challenges. Blessings!

Tutta la Storia said...

I think about you a lot Kim, wondering how you are able to hold it all together with a large family and a home-based business. Sometimes in the middle of the night after James has woken up for his 7th time screaming with night terrors are wonder if YOU are up too--and I get a funny strength from it. thinking that you might be. Funny how blogland can give you invisible shoulders to lean on when you need them the most! I am wishing all the best for your wee ones as you all try to get through this tough time. Hang in!

Rachna said...

Kim -- I love the painting! I know my friend is going to love and it will look perfect in her son's room! Thanks again!

Laurie said...

Best wishes that Hudson can get better on his own. I know you must be so frustrated!

Girl Child said...

I have 3 boys whose names all end in "IN".. well, they SOUND like thye all end in "IN" :


Ill have to read old posts to find out ur boys' names.. totally jealous of your artisic beauty btw! You Rock Girlfriend!!

Katie said...

You have a God given talent, enjoy it. I wish I could have some type of outlet like that. People can't even read my signature I am so messy.

Jessica said...

I love the name Layton! It is adorable!

I'm so sorry to hear of the news about Hudson. I can't wait for the post tomorrow with more details on everyone!

Paige said...

Love the new painting and can't wait to see the other one you gave a sneak peek of on your blog.

Praying for you and Hudson!

Shabby Mama said...

oh you know i love those nailed it, AGAIN!

praying for your boy..i am so sorry..i hope it gets better soon...i have a chronic puker which has allowed him to manipulate is way into being a picky eater..recurring stuff is so hard..good luck and be kind to are a great mom!

Traci said...

I really want to see that sneaky peek one!

I figured out that Riley was getting high off the dyes in the rainbow goldfish. When I took him off of them, it was like he went into withdrawal!! Goldfish are the devil at our house!l lol

Glad you are having a better day!