Monday, June 29, 2009

I had every intention . . .

of posting yesterday. But I literally NEVER went to sleep the night before. So, when I got the kids in bed last night . . . . . . zzzzzzz. Uhmm, yeah - me too! I was soooo tired it was ridiculous! But in my delirious state of consciousness, I actually finished another painting yesterday? Crazy, I know?! I thought the same thing?! I was going to try to sleep when the kids went down for a nap, but I just got on a roll and couldn't stop {I love it when that happens!}

Okay, okay - on with the painting you have already got a sneak peek of!

I'm sure you figured out the fabric and theme of the room! Have I told you guys how much I love getting swatches?? I have actually found a cool way to keep up with them - I'll show you guys another time!

I streaked the stripes with some metallic paint for a little definition.

The letters in the name got the same touch.

The walls are a dark brown.


I like the name Judson. After I had Hudson, a friend that I grew up with had a little boy named Judson. She calls him "Judd" which is a super cool name. The only time I had ever heard of it before was in high school, I dated a "Jud"son. I really like the 2 "d"'s at the end in the shortened version.

Sorry for keeping it short. My kids are downstairs {while I'm upstairs} and I hear them trashing out the house. I just needed to get this post up since it should have went up yesterday!!

And just a little sneaky peeky for tomorrow's post! {Because I will post!}

Nice - now the door bell is ringing! It's probably one of my kids! haha!


julie & joe said...

So cute!

Vera Cecilia Herling said...

Very beautiful.
Vera Cecilia

Amy said...

Love it! I don't know how you keep up with it all.. but darl'n, don't neglect yourself.. or you will fall like a rock!

Paige said...

Love the new painting! I have always liked the name Judson.

Jessica said...

I love the sides!