Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can't believe I'm going to admit this!

*Miley Cyrus - "The Climb" is currently one of my favorite songs.

*I haven't had polish on my toes since the summer I found out I was pregnant with Hudson . . . In 2004!

*My favorite food {that I can't seem to get enough of} is a Junior Frito Chili Cheese Wrap at Sonic . . . . just typing it out makes me want one.

*And I'm NOT going to admit what I ask them to add to my Sprite when I'm at Sonic . . . . trust me, you don't want to know. It gives a whole new meaning to a suicide!

*One of my simple pleasures is squeezing ketch-up {from the packet} on each, individual french fry as I eat them one by one.

*I was one of those jokers that stayed up all night long on Monday night {into Tuesday morning} hitting refresh on the April Rose is fake blog! Yes, that's me - one of those!!! One of those that couldn't help myself {definitely like the train wreck explanation} as I read through the "forum" of sorts as these people dug up as much stuff as they could on "B" chick.

Advice people - when someone says they are not asking for donations, that they have a good stable job, they don't need money, etc . . . . believe them!!!! Who in their right mind sent home-girl money?!?!? Not me! She said she didn't want or need anything but prayer - {and obviously she needed that more than we could have ever imagined!!} that is all she should have gotten from any reader.

I'm in disbelief that it was a hoax. But more so on these people who posted "B"'s address and phone numbers on these public blogs. WoW! Or how about the folks that feel like they need more explanations . . . . uhmmmm, home girl is crazy!? What more do you need!? Seriously people. My favorite is the comment I read from a girl that said something to the effect of she wasn't taking responsibility for all this! The "big bloggers" should. If it wasn't for them she would have "never looked at that blog!" Hahaha - are you serious!?

It amazes me how many people fell into the "trap" - I sure did. I felt so bad for this girl. And for that baby!? BUT do you know how thankful I felt when I finally read that someone talked to a friend of the family and there was never a baby!? I think that was what I really wanted to know - was she even pregnant? I'm insensitive to it now.

Lifetime movie?? Probably. One extreme Weird-O?? Definitely.

Anyhoodle - since the Monday night "thing" I have not gotten my butt in gear! How does a normal day watching my wild kids not wear me out like a night of hitting refresh and some occasional typing?? Can something sound more backwards? I have several pieces of art to show - stuff that I completed last week . . . because I'm lacking any completed pieces so far this week!!

I've done one similar to this one before - but some of the colors were flipped. The dots have a lot of metallic paint in them so you see some reflection in the end circles.

The walls are a light shade of blue. Lighter than the sides. And there is a small bit of green at the top towards the ceiling. Isn't that a really cool name?? Beckham - I really like that. {Too bad we aren't having anymore babies!}

I stitched chocolate ribbon between the 2 stripes to add a little extra and to pull the brown together from the name.

I know, I know you want to hear about the twin story - I should have been working on it instead of hitting refresh Monday night!!! ha


Holli said...

Jr. Frito Chili Cheese Wrap!!!!! UMMMMMMM........
Susan caused my addiction!

Susan said...

Girl I'm totally with you on the Jr frito chili cheese wraps! They are the bomb! lol! I got Holli addicted to them too. And I love me some Vanilla Coke I got addicted to that through Kelly's Corner.

megan said...

wow, if you're considering yourself lame, then i am definitely the queen of lame!! i find myself singing loud to almost all of miley's silly songs, love the wrap from sonic (the soft tortilla is the best part!!), and when i'm not individually ketchup-ing each fry, i make sure the ketchup stays in a nice little pile and not get spread around everywhere. you're a girl after my own heart!!

this beckham painting is one of my favs!!! fantastic work!

J Family said...

I have no clue what you are talking about the b girl blog or whatever but the climb is my ringer right now and I am a total Hannah Montana/Miley "not liker" (to be nice about it). LOVE the painting, of course.

Jessica said...

My goodness! Are you sure that you're charging enough for these?! You stitched ribbon?! You go, Kim!

FYI: I love the name Beckham too!

Chris said...

Oh good now I will know what to try for my first visit to Sonic next week, sounds yummy

chesley said...

so funny! i love this painting!

Robin said...

You have me laughing hysterically right now! "The Climb" is one of my new favorite songs, too. I love Sonic's frito pie (Not Sprite, though) and yes, I was playing the "refresh, refresh, refresh" game myself on Monday night! LOL And I also see you have been reading the same blog that I have been reading today!

Do you mind if I just copy/past the top paragraphs to post on my blog tomorrow? LOL Just kidding!


Robin :o)

Oh, and I love the painting...especially the hand-stitched chocolate stripe....beautiful!

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Ok, I know some of the blogs I follow posted about this blog, but I skipped those and didn't read them I want to know what happened? :) Love that painting, Kim...WOW! It's beautiful.

Kelly said...

Oh I love frito pies at sonic. I haven't had one since I was pregnant. I would crave them sooooo bad and then they would kill me with heartburn. Vicious cycle.
I'd love to know what you get in your sprite!

Paige said...

I was a "refresher" on that blog as well. Wow! How can one person create and maintain a story like that for so long? Surely she knew she would be caught!

I love the Beckham painting!

Kodi said...

I feel like I say this all the time, but this is one of my favorites you have ever done! You keep outdoing yourself with these paintings!

I'm dying to know what you add to your sprite. My pregnant (for real ;) ) self is dying to know any way to make Sprite more exciting!

Danine said...

Ok now I truly need to make a four hour trip to the closest Sonic to us just to try these wonders! (yes there is truly no Sonic around these parts!...we see the advertisements but no Sonic). And I thought I was the only weirdo that did the whole ketchup line squeeze thing on the someone else too..yea!

Great painting too!

And this April Rose chick seems total whacked out...straight jack type and I truly have no clue what blog your talking about.

Lauren said...

Hello! Your paintings just inspire me! I just love your creativity...and amazing talent! Question...Did you hand stitch the chocolate (ribbon, thread)? I love a "texture" touch! Wonderful work!

Tutta la Storia said...

Wow Kim, FUN FUN FUN redesign of your blog!

Why am I totally clueless about this fake blog thing you are talking about? Did I miss a hyperlink?

The Beckham piece is so handsome! I have an idea for a triptych--I am going to e-mail you about it!

Sara F. said...

Love the new blog design!

~Laura and Geoff~ said...

Things I have to admit:
-I love the new look
-LUV the beckham with the off-centered text and border at the top
-I can't stand not having my toe painted, I don't think my husband has EVER seen them naked
-I might die if I don't know what you add to the sprite now that you've wet my whistle

Michelle said...

You had me laughing.out.loud!! I love the new blog design. "The Climb" is one of my favorite songs and I don't admit it because I am so not a Miley fan. I have no idea what you are talking about with the fake blog but that is ok because I love reading what you have to say anyway. Another great painting! I don't think you could do one that isn't great. I LOVE the ribbon touch. That just adds a little something. Still waiting on the twins story......