Friday, May 8, 2009

This one probably looks a little familar . . .

Do you remember this one . . . or I should say "these two" - well, we needed to combine them! We used the "stephen" background with the "matthew" name.

And the title of that post still holds true!

Lately, I've had ALOT of orders from the funny bones collection. . . I wonder how many color combinations I will come up with?!

Lucky for me - there are soooo many shades of blue and green! This one {above} is on a 15x30 - the first time I've done this design on that size?! Which is odd because that has got to be the most popular size I do! And the design on this size is fantastic! I L.O.V.E it!

I just realized I do not have any internet connection - so I will be saving this in a word document! What is up with this weather? I major storm has robbed me of my phone, cable AND internet service! A couple of weeks ago, we not only planted several trees but resowed our yard with grass seed. Since it has rained straight -every day- we haven't had to water our lawn! Our backyard is sooooo green {and incredibly tall!} But I'm really sick of this depressing weather. Yesterday's sunshine was not enough!

Paging Mother Nature . . . . "we are drowning over here!"



Jeanette "Frogster" said...

It looks really great! I love the combo of those colors and you're right - that size works really well for that design.
Thanks as always for all your inspiration!

Swan Family said...

The Funny Bones collection has always been my favorite! When you post a close-up of your paintings, I am always amazed at the details! Fabulous!!!

Holly said...

looks great! I hear ya on this weather, Kim! We are ready to go outside and play!