Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is funny . . . .

Has anyone ever went back and looked at some of my older posts?? Four of the first 5 have either been changed to something new OR have orders to be changed because their bedding has now changed!! That is pretty cool that some of you love me so much that you continue to order! Thanks!! But seriously, have you ever looked at the first one?? That painting was one of my BEST ever - even compared to newer pieces! Something about that one I absolutely LOVED {and still do!} But as with all things - it is time for a change!

Miss Maddie Grace will be getting a sister soon and will be sharing her room. The decor is changing in a big way! Although pink and green are still the overall colors - the room is definitely "little girl" and not "baby" anymore. I probably need to clarify that MG's new sister will not quite be a baby either. Molly will be coming by plane.

From China.

{That is sooo cool to say! Didn't you feel the dramatic climax??}

The stripes that was sold with the cherry blossom bedding at Pottery Barn Kids is not going in the room - so ignore the stripes please.

I did add some tiny embellishments since the last time we met. I was actually going to do tiny pearl ones . . . and I did in a couple of spots - BUT removed them because it was just too much with the pearl border. But I found the perfect color of tiny beads that I glued on {- sorry Misty, I didn't sew them on - I already had the paper on the back!} Blow up the picture - you should be able to see them.

I have to admit that these 2 paintings DEFINITELY went into a different direction than originally intended. The first painting ended up being way too busy - but not quite matching the bedding - it was more "cool looking" than "dreamy looking" - I hope that makes sense?! It really had the look of an older kid's room and not a 1 and {almost} 3 year olds' room?!

The other main challenge was the 2 "M"'s - it is impossible to make 2 EXACT letters - for me that is! I struggled with this {and still am} the entire time I worked on these 2! And truthfully - I still have to touch them up - the 2 "M"'s that is - trying still to make them look more exact to each other!!

The "M"'s look more off from each other in these pictures because I was at a different angle with each shot! I swear they look more alike! And like I always say - the camera just can't quite catch the true look of the paintings. The close-ups are much better. And just more "true" to the real look.

NOW, go get us a baby!


Jessica said...

Those turned out wonderful!

chesley said...

ok, those are just gorgeous & i love the little ladybug. seriously, the M's look awesome! you're waaay too hard on yourself. btw..kate arrived monday!

megan said...

these are beautiful!!! and i must say, i am loving the name "molly hope"

Courtney said...

Love the little ladybug! These are beautiful and I can't wait to see them hanging in the princess room. =)

Mommy said...

Oh Kim! They are "dreamy" and "classy" and "whimsy"---simply beautiful! They are the perfect complement to "Operation Jie Mei Hwa"! I can not wait to hang them over their beds! I was fine until I saw that ladybug. I am so ready for her to come home!!!! See you tomorrow--I'll be there with bells on!

Megan L Hutchings said...

These are so sweet :)! I love the dramatic climax about bringing the baby home from China!!!

Natalie said...


These turned out FABULOUS!!! I know they are going to look PERFECT in the 'big girl' room!!

These are as close to perfection as you're going to get .... they are gorgeous!

Paige said...

Kim - You did such a great job! Love the paintings.

Sandy Toes said...

This is simply perfect for that bedroom..darling.
sandy toe

Danine said...

absolutely stunning!

The Long Family said...

I don't think the Ms have to be perfectly the same. They are perfectly different kids!

Melissa said...

I LOVE your blog and your are so talented!!

My daughter, also adopted from China, has this same bedding and I would love a personalized print like this for her room. Would you be so kind as to email me information and the cost, I would like to order this for her and design another one for my other daughter, that we just brought home by plane from China two weeks ago!

My email is

Thanks so much!!