Thursday, January 15, 2009

Because I know you all love to see where they go . . .

**edited to say that OT is occupational therapy.**

Here she is, Clara, in her perfect spot! This bedding is so cute and I loved working with it!! You will have to read the story here about what happen with the bedding . . . . and then email Sunni and find out who she used just in case you are in the market for bedding . . . . that way you will know who not to use {I think?}

Anyhoodle - a super cute and cheerful room! And I know she appreciated all the packing peanuts I sent with the painting! hehe! Not much longer and there will be a baby in that crib! Good luck!

Okay - I'm afraid that some people think that I don't want anymore orders after my last post. I had several people email me asking me to "please paint one more" or "is there anyway you could possible do another one, please....." - I didn't mean that at all with the post. Really, I didn't! I love orders and I hope to continue to get them! So, please keep them coming!

Last night Laws had his assessment for OT. Finally. I have to say that it was my fault that the assessment kept getting put off. I had to reschedule several times and blah, blah {not that you all care for all the details,} but we went in for Hudson's OT today and I was told that after Laws' assessment, he needed to come in 3 times a week for OT. Three times a week?? Are you kidding?? Now, how in the world am I suppose to squeeze that in?? I guess it doesn't matter, I figured out how and we are now set to go for the 12 weeks!

So, to give you all the reader's digest version - Hudson goes to OT {1x a week} and feeding therapy {1x a week}, Carson goes to speech therapy {2x a week} and feeding therapy {1x a week}, and Lawson goes to speech therapy {2x a week} and OT {3x a week} - Hudson gets speech through the school system and hopefully soon will get OT through them as well - meaning I don't have to take him anywhere - they come to him while he is in preschool. Praise God! Remember - Hudson also goes to PreK 5 times a week while Carson and Laws goes to MDO 2 times a week! Poor Emsley, she is just along for the ride! Which is all day long.

Can I tell you that I just busted out laughing when they said Lawson needed to come in 3 times a week - Just cracked up - I know they think I'm retarded. But I just couldn't help myself. For those who don't know - that must be my defense mechanism. Laughter. When I'm nervous and especially when there is nothing I can do about a situation. I just laugh. Hysterically.

Okay and for the dumbest part of all of this - I have to admit to you all that I have horrible english - I speak slang - I know I say words I shouldn't {but I spell alot more for fear of repeating - haha - not that that helps when my 3 year old can sound out words!} What I'm getting at is that I think I need speech therapy! I need to speak properly - and it just ain't happenin' {see, I can't even write in proper english anymore! ahhhh!} Trust me, it's probably a Good Thing the kids don't really speak - I'd be afraid of how it would come out!

Example - Hudson had his finger stuck up his nose.

me, "Hudson, get your finger out of your nose - that's just plain gross!"

H, "I'm picking my brain out."

Clarification - normally, when the kids are digging for gold, I say, "stop it, your going to pick your brain out!" Apparently, that is what Hudson was trying to do - "EWWWW, gross!"

Okay, I'll leave you with that one - I've got a painting I have to finished, so expect pictures of "Gracie" tomorrow!


shabby girl said...

I had to laugh! You're a good mama! We all have those stories of lil kids' grossness. Don't get me started!

The Long Family said...

At least you know your kids listen to you!!!

T Lee said...

I only have the one little one, he is 3 years old next month. He does not eat. My pediatrician has suggested "professional" help, but I have not taken her up on it. He is growing and so is his food eating...albeit as slow as slow can be, but he will come around. I make sure he gets his vitamin and he eats yogurt and so I get two of those little Danimals in him a day and his milk and then whatever else he is willing to eat, however he will eat it, that is what I do. I offer him stuff and pack stuff in his preschool lunch (another way I am trying to introduce him to eating) that I know he will never eat, but I keep doing it. He ate cheese cubes at preschool yesterday! That is his FIRST cheese and he asked for more! He loves french fries, always has. He eats cheese pizza cut up into small bites. He likes chocolate covered raisins, he just calls em' raisins, cuz he just thinks that's how they come! He likes pretzels, cheez-its, goldfish, and "canola" bars (granola, which are also chocolate covered...r u seeing a theme here?). He sometimes eats grapes, apples and oranges, again cut up into small pieces. He likes blueberries. He will not eat any bean or vegetable. He will not eat any meat. He will not eat any mashed potatoes, mac n' cheese, or any sandwich...none.He will not eat eggs or pancakes or waffles or cereal in a bowl with milk, but he will eat it dry, some. So, what do I get in him...he still eats stage 2 baby foods! He has a thing about "chunks" in his food. He eats very slowly. He is an EXTREMELY picky eater! He has major tactile issues where food is concerned. Well, actually, he can not stand to have messy hands, AT ALL nor messy anything on him personally and certain things must be a certain a door is open that should be closed in his mind, and so he promptly closes it. Keep in mind I have a senior and a junior in high school. The boy, the junior, I just thought he was a picky eater! This little one is a real humdinger! He is smart as whip and he has zero verbal limitations. He is so normal or even above average or develomental stage for his age in every way except eating. I just keep on offering and having patience, such an extreme demand on me, patience!! I do have faith that he will come around. I do see progress, small, very small, but steady progress towards becoming a real eater. But, I guess my point here in this long comment is to not run yourself in the ground with the kids schedules and therapies. If it runs you runs them down, too. If there is too much trying to get done...just trim the fat. Do what is absolute priority health and development wise ( I know you obviously feel all is necessary) but I firmly believe some things will work themselves out in the long run given the time and patience. I have no clue how "bad" the eating thing is, but I am just trying to shed another light or story about it. I am very interested, however, in how the eating therapy is going. Do you see it working? What do they do? What is your opinion on my approach with my little guy? Do you think some eating therapy would be a worthwhile thing for me further pursue? Even though I have managed to get two kids grown, I find myself thinking I do not have clue about being a mommy with this one sometimes! He is one complex, intriguing, interesting little man! OK>>>>This is like epic long...sorry!

J Family said...

Beautiful room!!! I love your stories although I pretty much have no clue what you are talking about- I think I need to back track and figure out what all the intials and stuff mean. Although, my pregnancy brain just hasn't been working. Anyway- good luck with everything-- and too fun about picking the brains out... if only we could see into little kids heads. :)

Kimberly said...

WOW! Your painting looks amazing in the room. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

And I think that you may possibly be superwoman Kim. Yep, there is NO WAY I could do all the stuff that you do, I would lose my sanity!

I'm glad you still find s=time to blog, cause as crazy as your life is, I love reading about it! And seeing all your pretty are! :o)

Kimberly said...

p.s. don't ask what that "s=" is that I stuck in there???? I have an earache that hurts sooooo much, and I'm thinking that is affecting my typing, must be that, cause I am typing like a freak today???

Oh and I meant "art" pretty "art".

Megan L Hutchings said...

Just so you know...I love the way you talk ;)!

I can't believe they want him to come 3x a week. I know it is hard to manage it all, but I am sure it is worth it in the long run ;).

Prissy Southern Prep said...

The sign is adorable, and the bedding is too! Love the combination!!

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Kim... just reading your comments on your darling kids. I have a friend whose little girl has no speech. After months of frustration and therapy after therapy, she found out that some of the elementary schools here have classes for kids with this issue--and offer the therapy there. She struggled with the thought of leaving this 3 year old at school, but it has been a blessing all around!!! I would be happy to share more with you if you want. Just leave me a comment on my blog. You're in Tenn., right?


jpdmom said...

Thanks for the link your blog roll, your blog is so adorable, I seriously have some blog envy right now. Wish I knew more HTML and stuff. Cute, cute art - good luck in 2009!

Lorrie said...

I remember the "therapy days" as I called them. My oldest had OT and Speech and my middle had the same (sometimes it seemed in tandom.) It's won't be that way will just seem like it.

Meagan said...

You are one, SUPER, mom! I don't know how you do it all!!! Hang in there!

Danine said...

OMG I think all of us parents have said that to our children at one time or another. I've got a few that I still milk is moo juice (this was comes down generations!), cows are mookers, I don't think I've used the word restroom since C was's potty.

You're a great mom...putting the children first and the SPT is a wonderful thing. We had C in it for 3 years and people are amazed when we say anything about it. You couldn't tell now at all.

sweet tea in a pink glass said...

I love your stories and your painting are so unique. I have a question though, where did you get the bedding on the crib? I love the colors...imagine that!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

So funny b/c I was literally giving birth to Miss Clara the day you posted the pic! You must have been good luck!

Deb said...


I just found your blog at Susie Harris'. You made me laugh when you described how you laughed a the therapist. I too laugh hysterically at times when I should not. Like when my kids get injections. I don't know why, it's terrible. And, coming from South Louisiana, the slag, what can I say? It is what it is and I can't help it. I'm so jealous that ya'll had what looked like a great time at blissdom. I wish I could have been there.