Saturday, November 1, 2008


Sorry, Shannon - I know it was a big surprise - I just know it was! But I had to do it. For you see, Rachel told me {as soon as you found out you were pregnant} that she wanted to give you a painting and not to let anyone else get you one! I didn't know if you would try to order one yourself, but I promised Rach that I would play you and let you believe that YOU were buying your own art if you did try to order and prevent anyone from getting YOU the "name" painting. Hence, the "why" for my deceptive ways.

The "why" I needed the fabric swatches of your bedding ASAP {BTW - thanks for getting them out to me the next day!} I'm sure you see and understand "why" I was blowing up your email {and your phone} last Sunday - that's right - I had less than a week!

The "why" I sent you some bogus email yesterday saying that I would invoice you the first of this upcoming week.

{This green is a dead match with the fabric - doesn't look like it when you compare the bedding pictures with the art pictures! But it is - I pinky swear!}

The "why" I told you it would be this weekend before I would even start on your paintings.

{microscopic rhinestones - Shannon, I know you to well - and knew you needed something shiny on this canvas!}

The "why" I was totally deceptive in my ways with you.

I hope you forgive me and appreciated that small surprise this morning at your shower . . . . Thank goodness I put you on my board when you ordered - the timing was perfect. And 48 hours later {later being after I received the samples}, I popped out not one, but two paintings for Miss Avery.

{For whatever reason - this is the only picture I took of this one? But don't you just love a crown? Sorry for the sneaky-peeky only!}

Now, get you a blog so that you can blog about it!

AND for anyone else out there that would like to use my deceptive ways to your advantage - contact me!


Courtney said...

That is a really sweet painting!!

Alex and Jill said...

I love that you used rhinestones!! I need a baby so I can order a butt-load of paintings from you. LOL

Kimberly said...

Aren't you just so sneaky! It turned out great! :o)

And your sneaky peekies are evil but genious, keeps us coming back {as if we wouldn't otherwise lol} Is it on a froggy's head? How cute!

Leigh Ann said...

Looooooove it! The bling is fantastic!

Sandy Toes said...

I love that crown...very cute!
-sandy toes

Spoiled Sweet said...

Just beautiful Kim! Just got your message abt the Boo set. I will pass since you do not have anymore made but PLEASE let me know when you do some Christmas ones!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Love the colors in this one ;)!

Stephanie said...

I want to see the whole crown! Is that on a frog? I love it!