Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm sure I will be up the entire night . . . .

Well, if you read enough posts on this blog - you will figure out that I have a major sweet tooth - M-A-J-O-R sweet tooth! Halloween night - my kids don't really eat candy {okay, until tonight!} - oh, yeah . . . . sugar rush for me!

Don't worry - I checked for drugs and razor blades! Let me tell you guys, my neighborhood ROCKS!!! I remember being little and each house would give you 1 smartie or 1 dum dum. Not anymore, people! My kids got treat bags from each house! These folks spent a fortune! Trust me, we had to empty out each of their bags after every other house!

So, for all the neighbors - thank you - from the bottom of my full stomach!

By the way, those who had trouble seeing the "hilarious" you tube video below . . . . it is audio only. There are some funny pop-ups to read along the way. But nothing else - only 2 voicemail recordings! Ha - AND what a dork! I got all kinds of scared when PVE commented about imagining him as a child! Yikes - I started thinking about how I'm raising my boys - I'm scared! I understand there are going to be some wankers out there - I just don't want to be related to any of them!


Jen said...

My kids got a couple of treat bags too and those blew me away. Love all the trick or treating pictures - they looked like they had a blast. It took some time for my kids to decompress from all the excitement and sugar.

That youtube video/audio was hilarious. I didn't think about what his parents were like - yikes.

Kim said...

That is beautiful!