Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another one . . .

Well, this one was giving today at a shower {I hope she loves it and wonders how she could have ever lived without it! And I'm sooo not kidding.} I didn't want to post a picture before today - afraid she would see it {she reads the blog!} This "houston" painting matches the colors used in the "hudson" - and we all know my feelings with this color combination. BUT just in case you don't - LOVE THEM!!! I'm so in L-O-V-E with them! Giving them some sugar kinda love! You know what I mean?

Thanks Cristen for coming this way and meeting up so I could give him to you!

I actually finished another painting today {man, I'm on a roll!} Let's hope I keep this pace up! I'll post pictures of it tomorrow!

I think I've robbed enough people of the pirate party pictures - we videoed so much of it and only got a few pictures. It seems several others took pictures {and have already blogged about - I wish I was that fast!} So, I've stole a bunch of them and I will get my post ready for you all to see the fun we had!


Sandy Toes said...

very very cute!!!
-Sandy Toes

Leigh Ann said...

That is Evan's room colors to, so I feel the LOVE. SOOOO cute.

Megan L Hutchings said...

So Precious and so ready to see the party pics ;)!