Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kaemi . . .

Isn't that a cool name?? Welp, here is the bedding . . . . at first I was struggling with the red?! Drove a ba-gillion miles to look at it {at the Babies-R-Us store} - uhhh, yeah - they didn't have it! Lesson learned - will call first to see if the bedding is in the store!

After a few emails, we found out it was an apple red - not fire engine - not cranberry - but apple red. Now I can work with that description! Really, I can!!

Nice side view! You can't tell so much, but on the face of the canvas there is fine, yellow glitter on the yellow circles! But again, only on the face of it - not the side!

After the red, I started beating myself up over the white/beige! The fabric behind the dragonfly has got to be white {you can really see it in the curtain valance} But then the piping around the blanket looks ecru! I just stuck with the white - can't go wrong there!

Ta-Dahhh! Another one down - Wheewww!

For all those wondering about Mom's Day Out yesterday . . . . they said Carson and Laws chilled out shortly after 9:30ish {that would be about 5 minutes after I left the building! Hey, the kids didn't know I was there - so that is not why they were crying!?} At that time, they went to their music class {all of my kids are OBSESSED with music!} So, that must have been what done it {you know, calmed them down!} Hudson actually answered a few questions when asked - Amazing!! For those who don't know, Hudson just started talking this summer. Before that he just screamed {seriously!} all the time! That was his form of communication. I think he would get to frustrated when he was trying to tell us something or ask for something. The only words he knew where - letters, numbers, shapes, colors and very few basic words such as mom, dad, book, ball, milk . . . . oh and "meta-cognition" {don't ask, just know that one of my kids would really say that and actually know what it means!} Just a strange situation - BUT he is doing much better!!! Thank goodness!

So, I just saw that Clay Aiken just came out and said he was gay. Really, was that ever a question?? Or did we just know it before he did? And who really cares?! Sorry, just some of these "headlines" that I see are freakin' silly! And then even sillier is when I actually click on the link to read about it!!!! Man, I need to get a life!


Lauren said...

FAB-U-LOUS! It looks great!

It will be perfect with the bedding!

Heather said...

Beautiful picture! That is so funny about Clay. The same thoughts went through my mind...yet I still clicked on the story to read more.

chriskauf said...

You amaze me .
Come on Clay who did you think didn't know that already , and so true who cares , just be true to yourself, it was silly to avoid such a question .

Anonymous said...

The painting is so pretty! Chris and I have been married the same as Carson and Lawson's age--you were preggers at my wedding. How time flies. You need to put some new pics of the kids, I love to see how much they are growing. I also love the flamingo painting! Too funny and also very cute!

joelandbecca said...

That turned out great. That is the sweetest bedding! Great job!

My husband saw that on tv tonight and said "didn't he already come out?" as if it was old news or a repeat story! haha

Megan L Hutchings said...

It will go perfect with that bedding ;). I really like the colors!!!!

Rach said...

I think it looks FAB! And hey at least you got to see some cool people when you drove all those miles to check out the bedding that wasn't there! =)