Friday, August 8, 2008


It's one of those freaky number days - you know, when the month, day and year are all the same!? Hudson was due on 05-05-05, but decided to debut a week early. A shame too - that would have been a cool birth date!

Check me out - that is what I call normalcy! For those who know me well - know that I only wear slacks! It was my entire wardrobe before having kids - some kind of dress pants with a t-shirt. And I do mean just a plain, t-shirt! And of course, some really cool shoes! Well, since I'm so close to normal weight {far from normal body} - I pulled out my pants - and guess what{?} - they fit!!! Okay only what I consider my "fat-girl-pants" - What{?} - I know you all have some "fat-girl-clothes" - I'm not happy that I can't fit in the other 100 pair of "pre-baby" pants hanging in the closet - but hey, at least these are in the single digits AND I do have like 50 pair of these since I had 50 something kids! Each time I would get back in my old clothes, I was pregnant again! So, don't think that as soon as I get into my small clothes {'cause I know I will} - I will be taking a pregnancy test just for good measure! Of course by next month, that should be totally impossible {with the "little procedure" scheduled} - I say totally impossible, Yes - I've heard of people getting pregnant after having the vasectomy. But if this ol' girl gets pregnant again - I will be naming that baby Jesus - 'cause there is noway that it's happening to me unless God forces me to!

I've been sick all week - NO, not morning sickness {never had that with any of my pregnancies anyways!} - some kind of summer cold! Actually, all the kids have got it, too! I'm hoping tomorrow it will go away - I did feel a little better Thursday {so I'm thinking the worse is over - I hope!} But I have been painting away . . .
Got a new, little design that I'm trying to complete - that's it on my "redneck" drying rack - I only use that for my paintings. I don't hang my clothes on it! It's nowhere near completion - so don't look to hard! Ohhh - and look, there is that sweet Stella painting underneath! She will be getting her professional shots on Monday!
I got these fabric samples today! I can't wait to start on this painting - I've got some big ideas in my head! This is actually for Sydney - she is getting a "big-girl-room-make-over!" Her dot painting is the original dot painting! That's right people - the first dot one that I ever did! And, I think it was the 5th painting that I ever did!! Mannn, I've come a long way!!

Out of curiosity - I wonder how many paintings I've done so far since this business started 3 and a half years ago? I think I will go through all my receipts and count it up! I really have no idea how many! I'll let you know when I come up with a number!

And if you want to read something funny - go to the family blog and look what my husband posted about?! I hate to admit - I'm guilty of almost all of those on his list! What a goober!


Natalie said...

Love your sassy little shoes ..... and LOVE LOVE LOVE the painting - that Stella painting is JUST BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to see the professional pictures!!

Can't wait to see what you come up for Syd (you know that is Kennedy's fabric too .... hint hint wink wink nudge nudge!)

Megan L Hutchings said...

I love those shoes ;)!

Seeing all of those paintings gets me super excited for Vance's :)!

Courtney said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with from those fabric samples. =)

Brandi! said...

Girl, you've really taken your paintings to a whole new level! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE what you've been doing lately. My two girls are wanting a room re-do, so here in the next couple of months I'm going to be calling you. Are you interested in trying out a more "teenage" style?

My Beautiful Mess! said...

Congrats on getting back in the single digits. That rocks! So what is your diet secret?? Four kids probably!! Love the paintings & love, love, love the fabric. Can't wait to see what you paint up for that!
Also, Congrats on your business success and wishing you tons more!

Kim said...

I love the fabric samples & can't wait to see what you do with it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Girl!! We're counting the days until we get to come see you and the family. Glad everyone likes my fabric choices!!

Tutta la Storia said...

Oh I am DYING to get back into my pre-preggo clothes!! And looks like I will be able to paint Ella's nursery after the move, so be on the look out for an order from me! I am staing with my sister in law for two weeks after I have the baby, then we are flying to CT. So I have a week and a half left to pack, then baby comes, then to CT tw weeks after that. Lots going on! Oh, and the post earlier is GREAT the kids are SO DARN CUTE!

chriskauf said...

You are so funny .
Congrats on getting into those slacks, I am still in my fat clothes, but am working on it , gonna be the proper thin me again real soon.
I know people who have had after vasectomy babies but it is possible for that not to happen , basically only that occures in the few months after the procedure just use caution , clearly you are a wee bit bunny girl ,my hubby had the big v and we have been new baby free for 7 years now , I am so ok with that .
Have a wonderful day

pve design said...

knock, knock, it's me, my first visit here, by way of those sweet sisters kari & kiijsa. love your handiwork, you signs are great. wow, you are one busy artist and mom. love that you seem to do it all with great passion and energy! come see me.
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