Monday, July 21, 2008

It's a fact!!

I'm a total slacker!! I actually love to blog - couldn't tell it lately with the "no-post-at-all" these past few days!! Okay, shoot me, but I'm back and soooo ready to blog . . . . about mostly nothing!! If you visited lately, I'm sure you saw something absolutely funky with my blog!? Don't know exactly what that was or even how it got fixed - but thank my good graces it did - it was looking a little tacky! I hope I didn't run any newbies off! But again, it's all better so who cares! Right?

I was actually looking at some blogs and found this today!
One cute baby with one of my paintings!! Dawson, you are nothing but a chick magnet!! And thanks so much for posing with that painting - you make it look sooo good! That Krista - I'm sooo glad she is taking these photos - they make my home page look so dang great!! Hear that Lauren - I want to lift this pic for my site!! I'm begging - please!

I've got to update the family blog {it has been an eternity!} But I promise to be back tomario!


Kerith Collins said...

that is just about the cutest baby ever! and i just love your signs!

Rach said...

that one looks good---love that background too! That Krista....but hey wait wouldn't be as cute without your painting of course....well the baby makes the picture completely but you get my drift.

Kim said...

What a great photo! He is so cute and I love how they used your sign!