Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's art!

I will be starting on a new canvas tonight - for the 3rd time! Yes, it is the same canvas that I've attempted to complete 2 times already and will make a 3rd attempt in just a few moments. I know you probably have absolutely NO IDEA what I'm trying to explain - so let me show you in pictures with fabulous captions . . . . ready? here we go . . .

First attempt {apparently I had just started - it was nowhere near completion!}
I really do blame myself - what other idiot would leave an array of wet paint within reach of a budding artist?

"Hudson, did you do this?"
His reply, "It's art!"
Yeah sure, so what am I suppose to say to that one!?

Second attempt {got a little further this time} Again, my fault. If you are going to leave the wet paint out - TRY LOCKING the door! You really can't see it - but he tried mimicking the green dots with blue dots on the sides - see it?? He did that with his finger! Smart kid, I must give him some credit!

This time the conversation went like this,
"Hudson Wyatt, did you do this!!!!???" I really screamed this time.
"Uhmmmm, uhmmmm," he says.
"Hudson, this shouldn't be something you have to think about - I don't care what your answer is, you're in trouble!" And yes, I'm still screaming.
"Be nice!" He screams back.

Again, I ask - what do you say to that!

Yes, he tried licking the paint! Kid is on a permanent fast, but will eat paint - don't ask! And do you notice the paint on his shirt - that was from ANOTHER time!! Ask me, just ask me - Have I learned my lesson?? Apparently he hasn't, but have I - obviously NOT! I still leave wet paint out in an unlocked room - it's a free for all!!!

He is showing me his finger - how he did the dots on the side.

Here lately, I remind myself how I felt when my mother yelled at me. And I will tell you that it really beat me down and I hated the way she made me feel. I honestly think it is one of the worst things I do. I'm sooo trying to beat the cycle and not continue the same trends. Now, don't get me wrong, I did threaten to cut off his fingers if I found another canvas with paint on it - he laughed - even my kids don't take me serious.

I didn't like the way that one was turning out anyways - he did me a favor.


Lacy said...

Isnt it hard sometimes?? I find myself doing the same thing and struggeling so bad with getting upset. You know what they same....third time is a charm! It will be awesome.

Stephanie said...

But he's so cute. How can you punish that little face? Hang in there!

Kim said...

Now my Courtney (11) is cracking up at you! We love your blog. Have a great Sunday!

Holly said...

Ha! Hudson is a hoot! You should let him have at it one day and get it out of his system.......he may like it too much though.

Rach said...

Yeah it must not have been workin for ya or he wouldn't have started painting on it. He knows what you're going for. =) Betcha won't paint downstairs anymore and you'll keep the door locked!